Any hostess during the summer months preparing pickles for the winter. Recipes and cooking secrets billets all its. But there are universal ways to pickle cucumbers quickly and easily, and in this article you will learn some of them.

Recipes harvesting cucumbers

1. Ingredients:

  • you will need about 2 pounds of cucumbers in a glass jar (about 1.8 kg),
  • 2 dill umbrella,
  • 1 sheet horseradish,
  • head of garlic,
  • black peppercorns (6-7 grains),
  • 2 small leaves of cherry or currant,
  • salt, sugar, vinegar.

cucumbers with greens should be thoroughly rinsed under cold running water. In pre-prepared 3-liter cans, we first put the greens on the bottom or divide it into two conventional parts, one of which we put down, and the second - already on top of the cucumbers. Garlic is divided into small pieces and we also add black pepper together with peas.

Cucumbers densely packed, and from above we put greens, if you divided it into two parts. Over the green you can put a couple more cucumbers, if there is enough room in the bank. Leave a small place near the neck to add salt and sugar to the jar: 6 teaspoons of sugar (preferably with top) and 3 teaspoons with top of table salt, and 125 grams of vinegar.

Try not to change the ratio of listed ingredients. Now fill the cans with cold water. After that, we put the jars into the pot, which must also be cold water. On low heat bring to a boil. Important point: cucumber should retain its color when you pull a jar out of the pan. Once bring to boil, keep on heat for another 2-3 minutes and immediately remove from heat seaming. When banks roll up, turn them upside down, cover with any blanket and leave to "ripen".

2. How to cook fragrant and crispy cucumbers in a few hours? Try to pickle them in the package! This recipe is a dry ambassador of cucumbers, that is, without brine. Cucumbers are prepared very simply and almost instantly - after a few hours they can already be eaten.

  • 2 package (cellophane),
  • cucumbers are young - 1 kilogram,
  • head of garlic,
  • a tablespoon of salt,
  • spices and herbs: cherry leaves, horseradish (leaves or root), currant leaves, 2-3 cloves and the same of black peas allspice.

You can also add basil to your taste. How to cook: rinse cucumbers and cut off their tips. Cut the garlic into small pieces. Now put in one of the packages cucumbers, chopped garlic, greens and spices. Add salt and shake the package so that all the ingredients are distributed evenly. Now the package needs to be tied up and placed in another cellophane bag. This is done so that there is no leakage. Leave for about 5 hours at room temperature. Once the cucumbers are ready, store them in the refrigerator.

3. How in a couple of days to make a piece of cucumber. We put cucumbers in a three-liter jar, a few garlic cloves and a couple of fennel branches (umbrella). Fill with boiling water and leave until completely cooled. As soon as the water has cooled down, pour it into a saucepan, boil again and pour cucumbers with steep boiling water.

For the second time merge and again bring to a boil, but this time add 2 tablespoons of salt to the water that is to be drunk, as much as sugar, 5 peas of fragrant pepper, a couple of bay leaves and 100 grams of vinegar (9%). Fill this marinade cucumbers and immediately cover with a cap nylon. We turn upside down and wrap ourselves up with towels and a blanket. After 2 days, the cucumbers are ready!