Pickled garlic – it's quite an unusual dish that easy to prepare at home. Perfect as a snack or ingredient for various dishes.

Garlic for winter – recipes

To begin with, some useful tips, without which you can simply be disappointed in the taste of garlic in the winter.

1. Garlic should be selected only mature and fresh. Otherwise, there is a risk that, being pickled, it will not bring you pleasure.

2. Be sure to conserve garlic and thoroughly clean and sterilize all the jars and lids. Also it is strongly recommended to put on clean clothes and wash your hands before canning.

3. Marinaded garlic should be whole lobules, but you can also pierce with a needle denticles, hold in boiling water for a couple of minutes and then dip into cold water.

Marinated garlic. Recipe # 1

Ingredients: one liter of water - 400 grams of young garlic, 50 grams of salt and sugar, 100 ml of vinegar.

- Well, peel garlic from the peel, rinse thoroughly and keep in boiling water for about 4-5 minutes.

- After blanching in boiling water, distribute cloves of garlic to small jars. Banks should be dry and sterile.

- Make marinade: as soon as the water boils, pour salt and sugar in it, and then boil for two or three minutes. Before you remove the marinade from the stove, pour in the vinegar.

- Pour marinade (in a boiling state) all the garlic, located in jars, roll up with lids, turn over and leave under the blanket for the night.

This recipe is interesting because the dish contains beet juice. So, for the preparation of pickled garlic the following ingredients will be needed: garlic, 1 liter of water, 50 grams of sugar, 50 grams of table salt, 100 grams of beet juice, 100 ml of vinegar (9%).

1. Garlic should be peeled, peeled and rooted. Then, in boiling water, try to just a couple of minutes. After that, lower garlic in cold water and wait until it cools.

2. Next, lay on the banks and pour a beetroot hot marinade. How to make marinade from beet: wipe on a small grater kilogram of raw beets, pour in it half a liter of water and squeeze through gauze. Then mix with a liter of water, put on the fire and add salt and sugar.

3. We sterilize the jar with garlic and marinade for 5 minutes and then make the seaming.

  • 1 kilo of garlic,
  • water,
  • 1 raw beet,
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar,
  • 5-6 cloves,
  • half cinnamon sticks,
  • tablespoon of acetic acid,
  • teaspoon allspice (peas).

How to prepare a dish:

1. Thoroughly rinse the head of garlic. Peel from the skin so that the denticles remain attached to each other and do not fall apart.

2. Boil 600-700 ml of water, after boiling, add salt and sugar, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves.

3. Remove from heat marinade with spices and pour in a solution of acetic acid.

4. Place garlic heads in a jar and fill them with a marinade so that it covers all garlic.

5. If you want to paint the garlic in red, then use beets, similarly, as in the previous recipe. The raw beets are cleaned and cut into cubes, and then added to the marinade immediately after the vinegar (item 3)

6. Close the jar tightly and store in a dark cool place. Marinated garlic will be ready in about 50-60 days.