In June and July traditionally ends the academic year in all Universities of the country and hundreds of thousands of former students flock in search of work. They are all young professionals.

An Intern is considered an employee who has received primary, secondary or higher education, and first went to work in their specialty within one year after the end of the educational institution. Legally, the status of the young specialist implies special rights, guarantees and duties of the media in relation to other categories of workers.

There are several mandatory attributes for obtaining the status of a young specialist.

Graduate educational institutions need to get an education just for the day (stationary) form of training and only at the expense of the state and/or regional budget. The graduate is required to pass the final examination and receive a diploma.

Finally, the graduate should be directed to the distribution in the manner prescribed by special legislation and obtain the relevant document. Failure to comply with at least one of the above conditions may not graduate to a young professional.

The employment relationship between the employer and the young professional are regulated by the Labour code. In particular, according to article 70 of the Labor code, the employer may not assign to a young professional probation.

In theory, persons with the status of young professionals, the employer is obliged upon employment to pay benefits in the amount of 3 tariff rates of 1st category, to pay wages in the amount of not less than 80% of the average monthly salary for the organization.

Employers are also required to provide young professionals, homeless housing Fund corporate temporary housing, to pay an allowance for child care, to provide financial assistance for marriage and child birth.

Young professional required to serve the organization for at least 2 years from the date of conclusion of the employment contract. Otherwise he needs to reimburse the state funds spent on his training.

If the employer dismisses the young professional or translates to work that is not related to their major, before the expiry of the period of mining (i.e. 2 years), he is also obliged to reimburse the state for funds spent on preparation of the young specialist.

The labour code, the dismissal of young professionals is permitted when an organization, in case of temporary incapacity or due to health condition preventing performance of work in the specialty, as well as in several other cases.

However, in practice, not all organizations are ready to provide young professionals full social package. In addition, many graduates prefer to seek employment on their own, so I can not get the status of young specialists.

I am a young professional. the teacher of physical culture, gave a slap the student, I could get fired.

The status of the young specialist is not an excuse for battering. For a young specialist is subject to the same duties and same responsibilities as the rest of the employees. The assault may give rise not only to dismissal, but even to criminal prosecution.

Good afternoon. I have a question. I graduated from the UNIVERSITY for full-time budget form of education in the summer of 2010, the oil specialty. Then in the fall I worked three months in the factory, in economic posts (but in the labor they took me based on my petroleum diploma). Then I retired and in March 2011 I joined to the company of their immediate specialty.
As a result: after the graduation of the university it took less than a year to study internally and financially. The only nuance - worked for 3 months not in the profile profession.
Can I get the status of a young specialist?

Hello. I am a young professional(the midwife). Were distributed to the medical sister in children's hospital,but at the place of distribution is easy to obtain redistribution to the position of midwives in the hospital. Now I'm having difficulty with work schedule(I am not suited for a job every day). I have the right to resign and apply for a job at another state hospital where there is a vacancy also in the bet and me with suitable shifts. and how should I do. thank you

Hello, finished medical Academy in Yekaterinburg this year, I want to move to Surgut to get a job as an Intern, whether the allocation to another area and how the name of this document where I have to send in the Surgut clinical hospital. thank you

Hello. I am a young professional. work in school from mid-October. recently I was told that I will receive a one-time salary 10tysyach, because he has not yet settled until October. late for 2 weeks. is it really so? where can I go for help?

Hello! Please tell me how is the mode of operation in establishments of additional education during summer vacation? In the summer we need to work out his watch,namely, load, 1hour = 60min.Also organizovano free attendance of students, although the curriculum of all teachers is complete.On vacation we spend more time at work. than during the school year.Is it legal?

Hello! Please reply me (very important). This year I finished University and yourself (not for distribution) found work on a speciality in one of the colleges of the city (Nizhny Tagil). I was told that I would be seen as a young professional, will pay lifting, but I'll have to work for three years in this BOND. Please answer, will I be able to leave this work in a year, returning to the organization-lifting? What the legislation I can refer to? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Good afternoon. I graduated from University in 2002 In Saratov region from 2005 to 2012 passed the program of the Ministry of CX to support young professionals. After University I found a job on a speciality within three months of the SP registered as CX producer, after 2 years, SP closed and all the workers were woven in stock(ie actually place of work has not changed,and has changed ownership)

In 2008 SKH Department of our district asked me to participate in this program, as if an afterthought. Were collected all the documents ( for 8 years I was promoted from assistant foreman to Deputy Director) gave me a lump sum. Now three years later demand the money back, arguing that I do not correspond to the status of a young specialist because initially worked with UI which was not registered in our region and in Saint Petersburg (SP leased the production area in our region, and his work was also in our area).Tell me should I have the sense to plead and prove their status or have it useless.

In 2011 he graduated from the University (full-time), televic that work in kindergarten. Head said I'm coming as an Intern. As you receive this status, a head shall submit to the Department the application that she is working young professional. Without it, benefits will not take effect.
It's just that she has not completely issued me yet and the time is shaky, if she does not file an application for me before the end of September, will I lose the status and allowances?


Hello!I am a young professional in 2011 graduated from the University.Since September working in the orphanage as a teacher in a primary school.I have a half rate in the group of 10 people out of 12.I want to give another 5 kids(another parallel),not paying.Whether the right to do it in an order?If I am not mistaken,a young specialist does not have the right to give no classroom management,no additional load without his consent.

Tell me please, I just got a job in a kindergarten, I have a stake. Can I immediately sign the program a young specialist, and get a house. Or you need an experience.

Hello! After a BSPU I got a job in kindergarten as a young specialist. Work for the second year. The child is three years old. Want to move from the city to the countryside and get a teacher of the Bashkir language. Housing no. What kind of help I can count on housing? Thanks in advance.

Hello! The principal can assign an extra charge to the student of the correspondence department, as a young specialist.

Hello! I have a question: in 2011 I graduated from College,are considered to be a young professional,still I was not employed,but said that soon will give me a job,will I be considered a young professional?because I said to the young specialist is the one who settled in the same year the end?!

Good day. I work as a young specialist. 2nd year at school. I received and receive all payments and compensation. I'm going to leave my own free will in the summer after the end of the school year, after my vacation.
The question is: will it be necessary to pay all the compensation and benefits or not, and the state will release me with a calm soul? (or maybe we have economic dependence in Russia).
In advance thanks for the answer.

Hello!I graduated from the University in person.PhD student at state research Institute.There I took a job as a Junior researcher.Can I assume that I am a young professional in connection with such employment?Thank you.

I've heard that young professionals in the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2012 instead of VAZ 21074 will receive a “Grant”. is it really so?

I am a young professional,working as a teacher in a rural locality and I have no shelter, and I don't know how to get it!the authorities say that we will issue you supposedly 50процентов housing 50 and add yourself,but I have no money at all!I do not know how to be. tell me.

tell me how to get shelter for a young specialist. I'm all b'us.a to me every rubbish they say in the organs of self-government, and I can not achieve dwelling. Thank you.

Hello! please tell me, if I took a job as a young professional and paid me a lift if I go on maternity leave, having not completed year, and not to compensate these lifting? With the condition that after maternity leave will return to work at the school. Thank you for earlier!)

Hello! He worked for a year in the state budget vocational school a foreign language teacher. The social support centre said that I did not put the payment of installation, maybe a degree (the diploma) I am a TEACHER, and the contract TEACHER. Tell me, is the difference? Or lifting will only receive school TEACHERS, maybe in other government agencies there are no teachers, is the teacher. Where to see the act and regulations. thank you in advance for your reply

Hello! please tell me, if I took a job as a young professional and paid me a lift if I go on maternity leave, having not completed year, and not to compensate these lifting? With the condition that after maternity leave will return to work at the school. Thank you for earlier!)

This year I graduated from University. Where it was supposed to work, at the present time in connection with the crisis there are no jobs. Independently to get a job with a degree not obtained. University threatens to recover in the court of lucrative fees. Please answer to what extent I can collect the money and what are my rights and responsibilities in this matter?

Hello!In 2010 he graduated from a music College in the city of Cherkessk.I am 25 years old,began working 01.10.2012 g in rural areas of the habezsky area of the village Inicio in DS,music Director.Before that I was employed in the store a shop assistant in Cherkessk,where I worked for a year and a half.Can I get in line as a Young professional,if I am registered in Habezsky area of the village municipal Beslenei what settlement should I provide the documents at the place of work or residence

I have this year, sakania University.I am a teacher of Russian language and literature and English language.after me from the Ministry of education was sent to work in the I have to provide housing as a young professional?

I am a young professional ,how does the young professional program 2012 and how to find work in the specialty. no where do not take without experience and seniority. nonsense. during the study what experience and expertise. I graduated from USATU(Ufa state Technical University-engineer ,and can't find a job.

Hello. Please reply I'm almost 2 years as an Intern, I have any chances to get housing. Is it worth to them to deal with this issue?

I am a young professional,if you work in the primary school,and graduated from College of culture and art?Based on I paid as a young professional?Me to pay how can a young specialist refused since I graduated from the cultural institution, not a teaching institution.Whether the rights my employer?

Hello, I am a young professional, received a signing bonus. Do I have the right to receive a certificate for an apartment as a young professional? thanks in advance

Hello. After graduation (televic, full-time Department) I got to school the educational psychologist. Before the New year, paid lifting as a young professional. In February I wrote a letter of resignation. Do I have to back pay if I transferred to another school?

My daughter graduated from the PED.College№13, Moscow 2010 ,in the specialty primary school teacher with additional training in academic English,In 2010 settled as a teacher of English Junior high school in Lozhkovskaya SOSH Solnechnogorskiy R/on,the status of a young specialist she was not given, referring to the fact that it works not on a speciality .Is it legal? And in may 2011 she went on maternity leave.In January of 2013 (for the achievement of the child 1.5 years)Julia quit and got a job in school of Moscow, elementary school teacher,she still was not given the status explained by the fact that all surcharges abolished. in December 2013, she finishes the pedagogical University(evening division).Could the end to pretendovat for this status.

Hello.My daughter Julia has finished the pedagogical College No. 13, 2010 ,in the specialty primary school teacher with additional training in English.,In 2010 settled as a teacher of English Junior high school in Lozhkovskaya SOSH Solnechnogorskiy R/on,the status of a young specialist she was not given, referring to the fact that it works not on a speciality .Is it legal?in 2011 she went on maternity leave.In January of 2013(for the achievement of the child 1.5 years)Julia quit and got a job in school of Moscow, elementary school teacher, she still was not given the status of a young specialist explaining that it was cancelled.During this time, she is not what was paid as a young professional, in 2013 she finishes pedagogical University(evening division)

Hello!We have a problem in the following.In 2011, the wife got the house and car as a young professional.VAZ 2107-the name itself speaks about its quality.Speech to a greater extent about any of it. But the house twisted after the first winter. Stopped to open a door in the basement year-round standing water,so the house is always humid and cold.The porch away from the house and slid down. Khoz.postroika. Aya near the house leaned to the side of the house and hanging on him,all because of the fact that the house dipped to 15-20 cm.
Generally you want to abandon this wonderful design,just where to start don't know.Can someone faced with such a question,tell me.

Hello, I finished College in 2009, worked as a kindergarten teacher in absentia studied at the pedagogical Institute, got off work в2011м year, and in December 2013 received the diploma about higher education and got a job in a kindergarten. Tell me, please, I have the status of a young specialist or not.

Good day! This situation. The sixth year work in the organization live temporarily in the house, which the organization bought from a lonely old woman. Pay only for the light, because of other conditions there are no (water – column over a hundred places from the house,heating – stove). Tell me, can I get housing as a young professional (not married). Are there any relevant laws concerning my question.

Good day! Such a question, I recently graduated from College,got a degree to work at the enterprise JSC”PZSP” should I pay the Kaka money? I went to the personnel Department and asked,but they told me that I will get after service in the army!

Hello, please tell me, I am a young professional, has been in the organization for 1 year, our Department is eliminated, can I be fired?