Summer is a great time not only for relaxing at sea, but also for preparing canned fruits and vegetables. After all, it will be pleasant and useful to open in the winter time a delicious piece made in the summer.

One of these blanks can be canned pears in syrup. You will learn how to prepare them in different ways in our article.

Recipe canned pear

Products (given per one 3-liter jar): ripe hard pears - 1.5 kilograms, 1.5-2 grams of citric acid, two liters of water, 450-500 grams of granulated sugar.

1. Pear thoroughly, remove the core with seeds and a ponytail.

2. Make sugar syrup: boil water with sugar.

3. Place the prepared pears in cans, pour the syrup into the jar and let stand for about 5-7 minutes.

4. Pour the syrup from the jar into a saucepan, where it was initially boiled and brought back to a boil and held for a few minutes after boiling.

5. Pour the syrup into a jar with pears and repeat the action again, according to the previous paragraph.

6. When you pour the syrup into the jar for the third time, add the citric acid.

7. Roll up with tin lids, cover with a blanket and leave to cool for the whole night.

Canned pears in whole syrup

Ingredients: 2 kg of fresh ripe pears, 1 lemon, 1 orange and a pound of sugar-sand.

1. Prepare all the fruits for canning: rinse well, cut pearls from pears, and you can leave the tails at the same time. Boil the water and put pears in it, problansirovav in boiling water for about five minutes, then pour them with cold water. From orange and lemon peel is removed and then placed inside each pear in place of the core.

2. Now all the pears, stuffed with zest, put in a 3-liter jar and pour into it a hot syrup of water and sugar.

3. We put on sterilization for a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

4. Cover the jar with a lid and allow to cool at room temperature.

Pears, canned vanilla

For cooking, take only the most mature, dense and ripe pears. Immature, as well as overripe fruit, are not suitable for conservation.

Ingredients: 1.5 kg of pears, vanillin - 1 packet, 1.8-2 liters of water, 400 grams of granulated sugar (per 1 jar of 3 l), a teaspoon of citric acid (without top).

How to do: 1. Wash the pears, divide them along into two equal parts and cut out the entire core, as well as tips and tails. At the same time leave the peel. 2. Prepare the cans with lids, sterilizing them carefully for a couple or in a microwave oven.

3. Place the pears in the jars so that the place of the cut of each half of the pears is at the bottom.

4. Make a syrup (water and sugar), and pour the fruit in boiling water. If suddenly there is not enough syrup, then you can add a teapot (necessarily boiling water).

5. Let stand for five minutes and pour the syrup back into the saucepan, again boil. 6. Again pour the pears and repeat the previous two points.

7. Now add the "lemon" and vanilla sugar in the syrup, boil for 2-3 minutes and then refill the jar with pears.

8. Close the sterile lid, turn it over, cover it on all sides with a dense warm blanket and wait about 2-3 days. Do not be frightened if, as a result, the fruit settles and the pot looks half full. Pears can also be preserved without the addition of sugar. To do this, you need to choose unripe fruits, rinse them and remove all the peel. Then cut into slices and remove the middle.

After that, hold a little in a solution of citric acid, and then boil for about 7-8 minutes. Next, put a clean jar of fruit, pour boiling water and add a little citric acid. To sterilize and roll up.