Marinated Bulgarian (sweet) pepper always turns out to be unusual and pleasant to the taste. It can be served on the table as a snack or a delicious side dish to meat dishes. But also hot pepper can also be made pickled - in this article you will find recipes, how to prepare for the winter both kinds of peppers.

How to pickle hot peppers for the winter

Recipe: hot pepper, 2-2.5 tablespoons of salt, half a glass of acetic acid, 6-7 glasses of water, 3-3.5 tablespoons of sugar, spices and herbs: dill and parsley, bay leaf and sweet pepper, cloves, basil , coriander.

1. First, prepare the pepper, rinse and blanch a couple of minutes in boiling water, then pour the water into another container, and pepper put in jars and add all the spices in them.

2. Water is again poured into a saucepan and put salt in it with sugar. We put on the fire.

3. Pour the bitter pepper over the boiling marinade and close the jars. Marinated pepper is ready!

How to pickle sweet peppers for the winter

Ingredients: 1,5-2 kg of ripe apples of hard varieties, 4-4,5 kg of bell pepper (preferably red), 1-1,2 kg of onions, half a liter of wine vinegar, 100-120 grams of edible salt, glass sunflower oil.

To taste: spices and herbs: coriander, parsley, basil, dill, peas of black pepper, cloves. This recipe is designed for 5-6 liter jars:

1) Peel the sweet pepper and apples from the stem, seeds and cores, onions from the husk. Cut the vegetables and apples as follows: pepper - small pieces, apples - small cubes, and onions - rings or half rings.

2) Mix the products together, pour in the wine vinegar, add salt and sunflower oil. And add any optional spices listed above.

3) Place the pan with the ingredients on the fire, bring it to a boiling state and cook for about ten minutes.

4) Distribute the pickled sweet peppers to clean jars and sterilize for half an hour, then roll them.

Recipe is a spicy marinade for pepper

Composition of products per 1 liter jar: hot pepper - 400-500 grams, nine per cent vinegar - 100-110 grams, a tablespoon of sugar, 100-150 grams of water, greens, seasonings.

1. Wash the pepper pods, throw in boiling water and hold in boiling water for about five minutes, then get it out of the water and place it in the jar. Add the condiments.

2. Dilute the acetic acid in water and add sugar. Put on the fire and bring to a boil, pour boiling water with hot pepper.

3. The dish can be eaten in a couple of days, if after cooking, tightly resealed the nylon cover and refrigerate. But in order to eat the peppers in the winter, you need to sterilize the jar with the peppers for about 25-30 minutes, then roll up, wrap and wait until they cool down.

Spicy marinade for pepper. Recipe No. 4

1. Wash and try out the hot pepper, put in pre-sterilized jars. It is advisable to do this: tightly lay the pepper, and between each pod lay a layer of seasonings: sweet peppercorns, basil, parsley, cloves, coriander, dill.

2. Prepare a marinade for pepper: mix the salt with sugar in an approximate ratio of one to two. Add the citric acid. For a liter or 700 gram jar, 1 teaspoon of salt is enough, as much - lemon and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Add all this to the cans with pepper and pour boiling water.

3. Tighten the cans with sterilized hot tin lids. Turn over and wrap it well. The next day put in the usual position and store in a closet or cellar.