Many job Postings on the job require “leadership” from the applicant. What these are, who and why are they needed? For starters, let's see, who is this “leader”.

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There is a perception that leaders are not born but made. Although this and need some inclinations, but, in General, can agree. To become a leader, you need to educate yourself accordingly, learn to set goals and priorities. Leadership begins with the ability to control oneself, and, above all, their thoughts and emotions. Because, as we all know, from our thoughts and emotions all our lives.

Before to manage and lead other people, we first must learn to manage the person we see every day in the mirror.{!LANG-f37efafab50bbd5b1f4979660527d1b0!}

True leaders become leaders by the choices of others. They do not aspire to leadership, just other people feel a strong personality that is able to take care of them and attracted to them. Society needs personality, result-oriented, reaching it quickly and efficiently for business and leading up to it her entire team. Capacity for leadership is most in demand where there is high competition where you need to quickly make decisions, take the initiative to introduce something completely new and unusual.

Without the ability to turn people on not to become neither a good salesman nor the Manager nor the head.{!LANG-d377d298eb00d44bd9750c13c49aaa55!}

If you want people following you, show them concern, show interest, try to understand problems, learn to listen to and be tolerant of their weaknesses.{!LANG-1261d18df1be5bf27fa2a64097fca8b5!}