Many job Postings on the job require “leadership” from the applicant. What these are, who and why are they needed? For starters, let's see, who is this “leader”.

The leader   - this is a person who can influence the behavior of other people, take responsibility, consistently go to achieve specific goals and lead the team. And the team, in turn, recognizes the right to make decisions in especially important situations. Archives, textbooks, investigations of biographers tell us about the leaders of different times who led the people, created history, changed the way of life of whole states.

In general, the leader is a fairly broad concept. It can be interpreted in terms of politics, psychology, philosophy, the views of famous people, wise books or modern journals. A leader is not necessarily a person with outstanding natural abilities, the highest IQ score. This is, first of all, a person who has intuition, insight and communication skills.

There is a perception that leaders are not born but made. Although this and need some inclinations, but, in General, can agree. To become a leader, you need to educate yourself accordingly, learn to set goals and priorities. Leadership begins with the ability to control oneself, and, above all, their thoughts and emotions. Because, as we all know, from our thoughts and emotions all our lives.

Before to manage and lead other people, we first must learn to manage the person we see every day in the mirror.   People who have achieved leadership are not real, because they are first of all feeling insecure, they want to show how important they are in this world, and therefore they try to subordinate and manage other people only in order to raise their own self-esteem.

True leaders become leaders by the choices of others. They do not aspire to leadership, just other people feel a strong personality that is able to take care of them and attracted to them. Society needs personality, result-oriented, reaching it quickly and efficiently for business and leading up to it her entire team. Capacity for leadership is most in demand where there is high competition where you need to quickly make decisions, take the initiative to introduce something completely new and unusual.

Without the ability to turn people on not to become neither a good salesman nor the Manager nor the head.   And yet not everybody wants to dominate others. You can be a bright individuality, but there is no ringleader. Many people are creative enough to work and grow professionally. A true leader must necessarily be an optimist. A man with an eternally sour expression is unlikely to be pulled by others. And he must also love people. Well, how can you manage those whom you do not love well?

If you want people following you, show them concern, show interest, try to understand problems, learn to listen to and be tolerant of their weaknesses.   Be a professional in your business - it's very important. It is unlikely that an incompetent person can become a leader. And again: in order to lead others, you must have a broad outlook, be bold and determined, do not be afraid of difficulties, and they will in any case. Show confidence with all your looks, believe yourself. When talking, keep your head straight, look into the eyes of your interlocutor. Clearly state your thoughts and, if possible, do not use words that give your speech shades of uncertainty and extra softness: "like", "like", "probably", "I think so", use the words "I believe" and "I'm sure." Everything in your conversation should be extremely clear, concise and understandable.