Chanterelles, undoubtedly, are very tasty and nutritious mushrooms. They can be fried and cooked from various dishes not only in the summer and autumn, when the mushroom season comes, but in winter, if you pre-make the preparation of chanterelles. In this article, you will learn how to dry the chanterelle mushrooms properly for the winter, in particular using an oven.

How to dry mushrooms in the oven

Many types of mushrooms are suitable for drying, but since this article is devoted to chanterelles, drying methods will be considered with respect to these fungi. And first let's give some general advice on how to dry the chanterelles:

1. First of all, it is necessary to select good mushrooms: freshly picked, dense, strong and not having wormholes.

2. Preparing the chanterelles for drying, you need to clear them from forest debris: twigs, leaves, needles, etc. It is best to clean with a lightly moistened cloth and paper towel. 3. Important: it is impossible to wash the mushrooms before drying.

4. If larger chanterelles occur, they should be cut into several pieces, the thickness of which will be approximately 2-2.5 cm.

5. Prepare the oven before drying: cover the baking tray with baking paper. If there is a metal mesh (grate), then you can dry it directly on it. So, after preparing the oven, chanterelles mushrooms need to be laid one layer on a baking tray or grill and turn on the oven at 60-65 degrees.

It is desirable to slightly open the cabinet door to maintain a constant air flow. Periodically it is necessary to turn the chanterelles for even drying. If some of the mushrooms are already dried, then they should be removed from the oven, leaving the others to dry.

How to dry chanterelles, so they are not bitter

Despite the current view that chanterelles are not really suitable for drying, yet it should be noted that this type of mushroom, in contrast, responds very well to high temperatures. However, there is one caveat: sometimes people complain that dried chanterelles taste bitter. What to do so they don't bitter:

  • First, as mentioned above, before drying very well need to clean the mushrooms of dirt and debris.
  • Second, much depends on the time of collecting these mushrooms. If chanterelles are old or have been collected in a very dry summer period, then it is possible that this will cause the bitterness of the mushrooms.
  • Another reason why bitter with the taste of the chanterelle, may be the presence of harmful substances, due to the penetration of fungi in the exhaust. So make sure in advance about the conditions and time of picking mushrooms. Ideally, you need to collect mushrooms on their own in places distant from roads and industrial enterprises.

How to dry chanterelles whole in the oven. Photo recipe No. 2

Drying of chanterelles in a whole kind in the oven is practically the same as the previous method of preparation. Whole chanterelles are carefully cleaned of debris and wiped with a napkin or slightly damp rag. Then laid out on the grate of the oven and heated the latter to a temperature of 70-75 degrees, no more.

The door is left half open so that the air circulates freely, and the moisture from the fungi evaporates. Dry chanterelles become easily bent, but they do not break and do not crumble.

Other methods of drying mushrooms for the winter

In addition to the oven, you can use a Russian oven or microwave. Before drying the chanterelles in a Russian stove, it is necessary to protect the mushrooms from ash and ash during drying - place them on a baking tray or a braid. The temperature should be the same as when drying in the oven - about 70 degrees. Otherwise, the fungi can burn or dry out. Since drying is always uneven, it is always necessary to monitor all the mushrooms so that they do not overdry.