Cabbage is very good because it can be salted in large quantities for the winter, then to add to soups, cabbage soup and other dishes. On how to make salting cabbage at home, you will learn further in cooking recipes.

How to pickle cabbage for winter

In shops, as a rule, is always present all year round in the sale of cabbage, so if you don't want to preserve it, you can just do a quick pickling of cabbage.

To begin, prepare all the products:

  • cabbage (3 lbs),
  • carrots and garlic, sugar (Cup)
  • salt – 2-3 tablespoons
  • approximately the same amount of acetic acid.
  • Also don't forget about the spices and herbs.

How to prepare:

  1. Cabbage cut into cubes (about 5-6 cm size, but can be more), shred carrots on a coarse grater, garlic finely chop or grind in a frog.
  2. Add to the pan a glass of cold water from the tap. Pour in the vinegar and put the sugar food salt. Wait until the sugar and salt will dissolve in water.
  3. Lay the cabbage in several layers, in between which add carrots, black pepper and garlic.
  4. Pour marinade cabbage and press down with a can of water. Don't worry if you find that too little of the brine during brining cabbage allocates liquid.
  5. Steep the cabbage in a little more than a day. Then eat.

The best varieties of cabbage for pickling

Good for pickling the following varieties: Moscow late, Kharkov winter, Dobrovodskaya. These varieties, in contrast to hybrid, are best suited for pickling and pickling. Hybrid species are used for longer storage.

Home salting cabbage in banks

A simple recipe for how to pickle cabbage in jars. Take 9-10 kg of cabbage, 1 kg of carrots and 200 grams of salt. Finely chop the cabbage, grate the carrots and toss the vegetables, adding salt. Then again mix thoroughly and spread on large banks (2 or 3 years). Will keep for three days in a warm room and then store in the refrigerator or cellar.

Another recipe for pickling cabbage in a jar: in 10 liters of water, dissolve a kilogram of table salt. Chop the cabbage and let it sit in the brine for a few minutes. Then squeeze well and mix with carrots in grated form. Fold in cans and hold for 2-3 days. After pickling, cover the jars with plastic covers and put them in a cold place.

Recipe for quick pickling cabbage with beets

If salted cabbage with beets, then in the prepared form of cabbage will have a very beautiful pink shade, and, of course, a wonderful taste.


  • 4 kg of cabbage, 500 grams beets,
  • 40 grams of horseradish root,
  • a small head of garlic,
  • 2 liters of good clean water
  • 100 grams of salt,
  • 3-4 Bay leaf,
  • cloves – 2 PCs.,
  • black pepper – 9-10 peas
  • half a Cup of sugar.


  1. From the cabbage, separate the green leaves, the rest cut into large chunks.
  2. Horseradish peel, rinse and finely grate.
  3. Garlic crush in any convenient way for you.
  4. Rinse the beets, remove the skin and cut into cubes.
  5. Mix all the vegetables and tightly tamp them in a separate bowl or bucket.
  6. Make the spicy marinade of the remaining ingredients, boil for a few minutes boil and then let cool to room temperature.
  7. Pour the cabbage with the brine and put it on the yoke.
  8. 2-3 days can be eaten. Place salted cabbage with beets in a clean jar and close the nylon cover. Store in the refrigerator.