The next mushroom trip of your family in the nearest or distant forest was incredibly successful. Mushrooms fall out not only from the baskets, but even out of the trunk of the car and sleeveless jackets. Congratulations and sincerely sympathize.

Now you have to solve a familiar mushroom question: "what can we do with this unexpectedly fallen on the head of wealth?". Flowing impossibly dull procedure of the bulkhead and clean the mushrooms, try to assess the situation from the consumer point of view.

At the first stage it would be good to decide on one thing: are your family to absorb this crop fresh and if you need these forest spoils of preparations for the winter? If the answer to the second part of the question is positive, immediately proceed to business. Part of the beautiful and the young "noble" mushrooms, you'll marinate, side of the collection, which are unable to turn away from the eyes zaviduschie and grasping the handle, probably, salt, and the rest...

We offer the rest to dry. The novelty of this method of harvesting food for the future can not boast, after all, twenty thousand years age solid, but reliability is not inferior to any modern canning technology mushrooms.

What mushrooms dried

For aesthetes – cap boletus with a diameter of not more than 5 cm, for all the rest – all kinds of tubular mushrooms and some varieties of the plate. For people far from Mycology explain that the white, aspen, boletus, boletus and flap mushrooms (this is the bulk of collected fungi) are ideal for drying, even being already in old age.

Of course, the flesh of a young boletus do not compare with the rough fiber legs and a porous structure of the cap of an old white mushroom, however, as life shows, in winter, all the mushrooms fall in their lines. So we advise you to treat the extracted blood and sweat to forest harvest and not to refuse in the drying procedure, the mushrooms plain, old, low level of creativity. Perhaps, in the winter everything will fit. Caution should be come to the dried plate fungi: mushrooms, Russula, chanterelles, etc.

When the external shaperate, these individuals filled with water even more than their soft counterparts. At the same time collected in the rainy season mushrooms and flap mushrooms are distributed on the drying time in the ratio of two to one. For example, with an assortment of mushrooms for the winter soup or a delicious potato cutlets with mushroom gravy you have already decided. Where will they dry?

Methods of drying mushrooms

1. Modern . how to dry mushrooms in electric driers we Start with the already familiar to many Housewives dryers for vegetables, fruits and other gifts of nature. Preparation of "source material" here differs little from other methods. Mushrooms (cap and stem) are cut into pieces, the size of which is within the boundaries of a matchbox, placed on trays and left for 4-5 hours at maximum capacity. Perhaps in the systems of dryers with vertical convection will require the swapping of pallets and intermediate cleaning of the bottom, but it all depends on your chosen appliances.

2. Furnace . how to dry mushrooms in the oven Is a classic of storing fungi, however, we are talking about Russian furnaces with large plates. In this case, the prepared sliced mushrooms or strung on heavy thread and hung near the stove, or when irregular the furnace is exposed using the wire "skewers" on the brick backup. Light the stove and keep an eye on uniformity of drying will have, yet will not dry out the whole batch of mushrooms. And what to do, so that's romance.

3. Oven . how to dry mushrooms in the oven between the heater and the stove. Inevitably used in country houses, country houses, and sometimes in urban environments. I should say that of all the processes of drying mushrooms is the most complex and unpredictable. Without some experience and developed a family of thermal processing of precious harvesting mushroom can be irretrievably lost.

4. Baby, lazy . how to dry mushrooms in the sun Enough to remember where you dry clothes, and your husband vyalit fish to understand that the sun and the fresh breeze will make the workpiece dried mushrooms is a pleasant and easy procedure. Alas, this option is good only for summer, warm and not so rainy. Chop the mushrooms smaller than in the previous cases, in our view, in half a matchbox. Strung on strong twine, fishing line, thin wire. If you really lazy, you can just throw under a canopy on any tray.

Let me forgive the skeptics, but my many years of personal experience tells me that mushrooms dried in nature, there will always be the most delicious.