Hot autumn season is harvest time or just harvesting for the winter. And where to go, not us started, not to us and violate. Almost all forest mushrooms-berries are harvested, in the summer-resorts the October void, but something else turns black along the fence. The picture is familiar: neither to you, nor to your neighbors did not reach the arborescent ash. But in vain. This berry is not simple, it was cultivated in ancient times and was noticed by many Aesculapius.

One can understand the bewilderment of many gardeners: what about these clusters of black ashberries do? Everything is the same as what you did with a crop of raspberries, gooseberries, cherries or black currants.

To attentive housewives we have already tried to help to weld a wonderful "cherry" jam from a chokeberry and to prepare for the winter a tasty and useful syrup from a black cherry. The time has come to be included in the procuring process for the strong sex. It is men all over the world who are rightly considered the best winemakers and sommeliers. Russians, let us prove that our paddock rowanberry is no worse than the vaunted French vineyards.

We discussed the remarkable healing properties of this berry, it's time to remember that most of the medicinal properties of aronia blackberry are perfectly preserved in any spirit infusions or young wine. Recipes of tinctures of black-fruit can be found on our website, but it's worth talking about ways of making noble liquors from this berry. Everyone knows that liquor is a sweet (more than 100 grams of sugar per liter) dessert alcoholic beverage.

The proportion of pure alcohol can vary within a wide range from 20 to 75%, so to call this drink a "purely female" we would not recommend it. Composition is no different from our usual wines: fortified fruit juice with addition of different flavored. Here is the drink we invite all men to do at home unattended from growing on their country sites and already prigotovitsya for the winter chokeberry.

Liqueur from Aronia: a simple way

The recipe for the preparation of the syrup from these berries was previously discussed on our pages, so those who have already prepared it, for making liquor, do practically nothing. As it was sung in the old advertisement: "just a fraction of the water." In our case, of course, this is not water, but an alcohol solution of the fortress you need.

The optimum combination when diluting our syrup with ordinary vodka 1: 3 in volume fractions. The strength of your liquor will be about 27o, and the sugar content will meet world standards. A more laborious way of making liqueur from black chokeberry at home is as follows. The berries, previously washed and shuffled, are blanched, then passed through a juicer or a meat grinder with a nozzle. The yield of juice in this case is about 800 g of 1 kg of berries.

Added sugar in the ratio of 1:1 syrup and leave in a warm place until the sugar is dissolved. This is the same basis for a liqueur. Attention! To consume the drink immediately after mixing sweet foundations with alcohol makes no sense. All components have to get used to each other, ie to be together for at least a month.

Liqueur from Aronia melanocarpa with cherry leaves

Cherry leaves, even when they are late in the autumn, have an amazing effect on the taste of aronia in any way of using it. It's hard not to succumb to temptation and not make a cherry liqueur from a rowan liqueur. However, even here you have to work hard. To prepare the basis will need: 1 kg of berries, 1 kg of sugar, 1.5 liters of water and 200 grams (two full palms) of cherry leaves.

Blackfruit and leaflets throw in boiling water and cook for 20-30 minutes, then cool and squeeze the remaining juice into the broth through gauze. Again, put the pan on a small fire, add sugar, and stirring with a weak boil, stand the syrup on the stove for another 20 minutes.

Then cool and proceed to sorcery, i.e. add vodka (alcohol) to taste, pour on beautiful bottles and clean them until the New Year. The most inquisitive men can advise in the process of making liqueur from black chokeberry at home, to throw various spices while cooking into the syrup. Sometimes it turns out very original.