Each of you probably faced with the problem of low-quality or stale cheese bought in stores or markets, and at least once thought about whether it is possible to prepare cottage cheese at home. Today we give you a great opportunity to realize your dream and make a delicious cottage cheese, which in any case would be better than "shop" or market.

A big plus in cooking homemade cottage cheese is also in the fact that in the future you can determine for yourself the taste of what curd should be acidity and how soft it will be.

For example, for children, usually the consistency is prepared softer, and for pies and casseroles - a little harder. For Easter cakes, cottage cheese is also prepared appropriately (more dry). In short, cooking at home is much better and preferable than buying in a store. We offer several recipes for your attention, how to make homemade cottage cheese.

Cheese home – cooking recipes

Products:  natural cow milk - 2 liters. If desired, use sugar - a couple of teaspoons.

How to cook cottage cheese

1. The most important rule in the recipe for this cottage cheese is the use of "real" whole milk. Do not take a store, in addition, if the milk is peroxidized, do not expect a good tasty cottage cheese from it. Milk must be very fresh.

2. Pour the milk in a small aluminum pan, but not in enamel (another important rule), otherwise there is a risk that the milk will become slightly burnt, which will adversely affect the taste of the final product.

3. Place the saucepan in a warm place – it can be a Desk or a gas cooker. Will keep in a secluded place about 30 hours. And, importantly, in any case, do not stir the milk at this time! Otherwise, you risk to receive not good enough curd clot.

4. What you will see in 30 hours: milk will become curdled milk, plus quite a bit of liquid. It is clear that with the store's milk the picture will be worse than with the natural.

5. Now put a pot of yogurt on the stove, the fire should be very weak. Heat the sour milk, but do not bring to a boil! At this time, discard the spoons to interfere with the milk mass - this recipe implies a complete lack of stirring spoon during cooking. How to check the desired heating temperature: touch the saucepan with your hand, and if it is already hot, then remove the pan from the plate. Allow the milk to cool completely and leave it for 8-10 hours. A clear serum forms.

6. Put cottage cheese on gauze and hang over a tub or sink. Hold for about an hour and a half until they stop running away from the cottage cheese drops. After this, immediately remove the curd from the cheesecloth so that it does not become too dry. Everything, the house curd from milk is ready!

Recipe how to make "special" cheese at home

Ingredients:  milk - 1 liter (you can use a store 3.5%), sour cream / kefir - 2-3 tablespoons.

To make curd at home:

1. Pour the milk into a jar, put sour cream or yogurt and leave in a warm place to create yogurt. Ideally, milk should be taken fat: the more its fat content, the more you will get cottage cheese.

2. After a day, take a jar of sour milk and a clean pan. In the pot, pour so much water that it is at the same level with the level of milk in the pot when it is lowered into the pan. Bring water to a boiling state and immediately turn it off. Put the jar with curdled milk in hot water and cover with a cup. Keep the yogurt in this condition for about 30 minutes.

3. Remove the jar and allow the curd to stand for another 40 minutes. Pour on gauze and hang over the sink for a couple of hours. Home cottage cheese is ready!