Today, we offer a curd-creamy dessert "Red and white". Ahead of Valentine's Day, and you can take the occasion to pamper your soulmate with this mouth-watering delicacy. Make it as small hearts or large heart.

To prepare our dessert for Valentine's Day is easy, it will require the following products:

  • low-fat cottage cheese – about 200 grams.
  • heavy cream 20 % – 300 ml
  • gelatin instant – 1st. L.
  • powdered sugar – 125 ml
  • frozen strawberry – 350 gr.

1. Defrost the strawberries. Obtained by the melting of the juice mixed with gelatin and icing sugar.

2. Slowly heated the mixture, stirring constantly, until gelatin is completely dissolved.

3. Then leave to cool gelatinous mass and take a few strawberries. Cut them lengthwise, decorate the bottom of our form or deep dish, gently pour the cooled berry jelly and sent for half an hour in the fridge.

4. After that, the rest of the strawberries with icing carefully grind in a blender to a smooth puree.

5. Now turn the chilled cream, beat with a mixer or whisk until steady state, add the cheese and whisk vigorously again.

6. For serving, prepare a bowl, which at first put 2-3 tablespoons of whipped cream with the curd, and then put the chopped pieces of different shapes of frozen strawberry jelly in a single layer, then again it is necessary to put cream and cottage cheese cream, then purees and the remnants of white cream with beautiful swirls of pastry syringe.

7. The finished dessert can be decorated with chocolate bars or grate the chocolate on a coarse grater.

If you or your beloved don't like strawberries, you can replace it with any other fruit or even berries. For example, pineapple, exotic passion fruit or blueberry. If you bought fresh fruit, you can freeze them yourself, put in the freezer for a day. Bon appetite and good mood in the occasion the 14th of February!