Fortified desserts in the cold season – what many call the word must-have. Strengthen immunity, mood elevation and vitality of the spirit, just Goodies in addition to tea is an extremely attractive set of positive qualities of dessert, isn't it? However, many Housewives are repeatedly thinking about how to preserve the maximum beneficial properties in fruits and berries, not "vivaria" them for canning and without tiring yourself with endless process of sterilization of cans. We offer you the best options: the most useful raw jelly feijoa – basic and cranberry recipes!

Jelly of pineapple guava for the winter: step-by-step recipe with photos

Method of preparation:

  • Collect ripe fruits or gostevaya (in the context should not be viewed by brown), rinse thoroughly under running water, dry with paper tissues or towels, then cut chashelistiki sides. Peel clean off is not necessary.
  • Split each berry into several pieces, place in a container of required capacity and use the blender in order to whip the mass until smooth. You can also just twist the pieces feijoas through the Mincer with the small nozzle, but then the dish will look a bit less aesthetically pleasing and will most likely be Syrene, than directly on a jelly without cooking.
  • Gradually add in the weight of sugar (preferably in small portions) until it is fully dissolved. It is best to once again grind the mixture in a blender to a sample not felt the grains.
  • The finished product, place in a dry clean jar and store in the refrigerator, cellar or on the balcony in the cold season. Bon appetit! Cranberries are delicious, with the fruit, enriching the body with precious vitamin C and provides superior antiseptic effects. Add it in your daily diet and forget about colds!

Jelly feijoa and cranberry – vitamin treat for the winter

  • feijoa – 1 kg
  • sugar – 800-1000 g
  • cranberry – 500 g

  • Prepare berries before the main culinary treatment as described in the previous recipe, i.e., rinse, dry and slice them without removing the skin.
  • Grind the fruit feijoa with sugar with the help of a grinder or blender to create a mixture with a homogeneous consistency, then add in a container of cranberries and blend everything again.
  • Ready raw jelly it remains only to lay on the jars, put them in the fridge, wait for curing, and excellent dessert ready to be served.