Often in the cold season, we certainly need something that would support our immune system at a consistently high level – and then get to grandma's delicious recipes for jams, which, even in the harsh cold of winter to help stay healthy and healthy. However, modern hostess so tired of the abundance of everyday problems, household chores with prolonged downtime at the stove and rolling cans often drives the horror, sometimes forcing all to abandon the idea of creating preparations for the winter. Specially for a tired lady we got the recipe feijoa with sugar, which does not require much time and enormous effort to prepare, but it is simply an invaluable storehouse of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements!

Feijoas with sugar – the best recipe with photos

Method of preparation:

  • Fruit loop: we will need only those that are ripe (in the translucent, juicy, aromatic flesh which looks like jelly), or those that have yet to Dospat (when cutting, you can recognize pronounced white). Feijoas with brown core is not suitable categorically.
  • Selected berries, rinse thoroughly under running water, dry on a napkin or with a towel, then remove the dry tails, carefully cut off them.
  • Feijoas must be crushed. Everyone in this business relies on your culinary taste and experience: someone just cut the fruits into small pieces, someone prefers meat grinder or blender. In the first case, the prepared delicacy will look more aesthetically pleasing and very useful approach even for the festive table

  • In the resulting mass, add the grounded sugar. Do not think that the ratio of 1:1 is too large for the number of enclosing sweets. This is done precisely in order to maximize the shelf life of the product, while retaining all its useful properties. Even if feijoa Sacharissa after a certain period of time, it can be used and then, being fully confident in the former vitaminiziruet composition.
  • Cooking does not need anything: just from time to time stir contents of the pan, letting the sand evenly soak the berries until it dissolves.
  • Now pureed feijoa with sugar should be spread over the clean and dry glass jars, closing them up with plastic caps. The treat is ready, Bon appetit!