The issue of employment for work part-time care in our time are many. If the schedule of the main work leaves enough free time, work part-time is a great way to increase your budget.


The combination, according to article 282 of the Labor code of the Russian Federation{!LANG-b34abeeafb15360ded287fe22cb4cb66!}


Concurrent employment can be performed in one and the same organization, for example, in other divisions, and other organization or company. In any of these cases outside employment must be done on the basis of an employment contract{!LANG-2b1c598ee4d252da14d18f82173208df!}

{!LANG-f944d68edd8a80b68db1981e7a9a65a5!}the law limits daily workload part-time four hours, and weekly sixteen.

The termination of the employment contract on a part-time job{!LANG-ce179ca8df6954344e503439ffec458b!}

{!LANG-7fabd44eeb64c125b6eb953520ebcfda!}the employee must present the company administration with the following documents.

  • document on obtained education
  • proof of special skills, if needed
  • information about the main job
  • certificate of health, if necessary.

The second job is entered in the work book at the request of the employee. The record is the primary employer based on the employee inquiries about part-time jobs.

Payment for concurrent employment is made in accordance with article 285 of the Labor code{!LANG-7240cea1aded6ba4a0b90526bdc2a41b!}


If you work part-time worker are often concerned about the issue of annual leave. He should be charged in this case? Annual paid leave is granted to an employee working part-time, simultaneously with the release of the basic work (art. 286 of the labour code).{!LANG-c82aac4624ed500ce0cd609855508f65!}

Deserves special attention procedure for payment of assistance and maternity leave while working part-time{!LANG-8aadf16bcf30a0dffbe8d1152de3400e!}


To work part-time can be limited. Restrictions can be set in connection with the health condition of the employee or the specific requirements of the profession, working conditions. Restrictions on working in combination established for pregnant women.

It is prohibited to do paid work part-time{!LANG-926f717af76cf0bb789137153d0bc0fe!}

Today one of the most common cases of concurrent employment{!LANG-8f091ebb754f49119d775aa0e372e929!}