Cottage cheese is one of the most healthy foods, rich in protein and vitamins. Dishes from it can be incredibly tasty, the main thing is to know how to prepare them properly. Cottage cheese casserole is one of the dishes that strikes with its delicate texture, rich in flavor and aroma. To achieve the splendor and juiciness of delicacies, you need to know the rules of cooking. The casserole should not be sticky and stuck together.

Cottage cheese can be soft and granular. Even from the latter, you can make a real cream with a blender or a mixer. Casseroles can be different and for every taste: sweet with fresh fruits, berries or dried fruits; unsweetened with potatoes, olives and greens. The first kind is as good as possible for breakfast for children or as a dessert. The most delicious meal is already cooled. Fresh fruit is suitable for everyone except citrus fruits. They can be laid out layers or immediately interfere with the curd mass. Juicy fruit first try out in oil.

You can make a casserole from cottage cheese with a dough, or you can - without. There are a lot of recipes, both quite dietary and light, and more caloric. If you want to cook with the addition of dough, then before that you need to scroll the cottage cheese in the meat grinder. This way will give the dish a splendor and volume. When using dried fruits, they should be previously soaked in water for softening.

Today we will make a very unusual and exotic casserole Mexican.

Recipe Mexican cheese casserole

Stunningly tasty dish, in consistence resembling marshmallow or pastille. The taste of cottage cheese is almost not audible. Combining creamy caramel and food essences (for example, with the aroma of liqueur) gives the dish a truly divine taste! The lemon peel shades off the flavor and makes it original.

It may seem that a miracle is difficult to prepare. But it is not. The process is very simple, but it can be a little unusual to cook the caramel. The main thing here is to ensure that the liquid does not evaporate too. If so, you'd have to add more milk.

Necessary ingredients:

  • cottage cheese — 0.5 kg
  • condensed milk — 200 g
  • eggs — 3 PCs
  • lemon juice — 1 tbsp
  • starch — 1 full tsp.
  • lemon peel, vanilla
  • scented essence
  • butter — 30 g
  • sugar — 70 g
  • milk — 5 tbsp

Method of preparation:

  • beat eggs with a mixer to obtain a fairly thick foam. Add the cheese, lemon juice, starch, condensed milk the zest and squeeze a bit of essence. Also sprinkle in quite a bit of vanilla (literally on the tip of a knife). Whisk the entire mixture with a mixer until smooth
  • move to making caramel. Melt the butter in a water bath or just on the fire in iron pots. Brush over the pan, which will bake. Pour the sugar in the remaining oil and send it again on the stove. When you notice that the weight begins to slightly change color and become darker, then immediately lift the pan and hold it over the stove. Then stir in the milk and in the same position hold, until the sugar has dissolved
  • sprinkle the form of sugar. Note that the casserole will rise strongly, so you need a pan with high sides. Pour into pie shell first caramel, and then cottage cheese. Oven should be preheated the oven for about an hour. But maybe will be enough and 40 minutes, so check frequently
  • remove the casserole from the oven and immediately swipe with a sharp knife on the walls. Cover with plate, flip and serve.

The dish is ready! It can not be decorated in addition, as caramel looks very nice and appetizing. But if you want to give a more festive look, then you can use berries or chopped fruit. Eat for health!

Tip: If the cottage cheese is very juicy, then it should be put in a colander so that it stacks. You can also squeeze through gauze.