Everyday menu can be varied with simple and low-calorie products, especially in summer, when there is no desire to eat heavy fatty foods. Such products are easy to find right in the garden: squash and pumpkins. Their useful properties can be judged by the vitamin composition: E, A, C, H, B; they are easy to digest and are low in calories. And the easiest in the performance of the dish is a stew with zucchini. Since the nineteenth century, in Europe they began to use these vegetables in a wide variety of dishes, but it was the zucchini stew that was particularly popular (ragout / French - the second course). This dish is prepared in a matter of minutes, but to taste it can compete with many complex creations. Recently, more often you can meet him in the restaurant menu, as many today prefer low-calorie food, not at the expense of taste.

Preparing a vegetable stew from zucchini, do not forget that for different vegetables requires a different amount of time to readiness. Therefore, initially hard woods, such as carrots, and tender and quickly digestible tomatoes and zucchini later, otherwise they will boil and become a gruel.

Necessary ingredients:

  • chicken fillet (chicken breast - 1 piece) - 300 g
  • zucchini – 1 PC. (medium)
  • carrot – 1 PC.
  • tomatoes – 2 PCs.
  • Bulgarian pepper — 1 PC.
  • onion — 1 PC.
  • greens
  • salt – to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • vegetable oil

Cooking method:

  1. You can use fillet or ready to buy chicken breast. To separate the meat from the bones of chicken breast, cut into cubes of medium size.
  2. Arrange on a heated with oil pan and roast for 10 minutes, not forgetting to stir, the meat should not burn, this will ruin the taste of the entire dish.
  3. Finely chop onion.
  4. Carrots cut into cubes.
  5. Add carrots and onions to meat.
  6. When the onion becomes transparent, add the pepper, cut into squares, simmer one or two minutes.
  7. Zucchini peel, flesh and seeds leave, as it is in them is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. Chop everything in large pieces, send it to the saucepan. Stew for ten minutes.
  8. Add the tomatoes, cut into slices, simmer for another five minutes.
  9. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, but always in the end, otherwise the vegetables will fall apart prematurely.
  10. Decorate with greens.

Recipes of zucchini stew are good because you can add a new ingredient every time, be it potatoes, eggplant, mushrooms or meat. In any case, it will be gentle and easily digestible, thanks to pectin contained in zucchini. This recipe presents a wonderful low-calorie alliance of courgettes and chicken, which will certainly become a welcome dish on hot summer days for dinner or dinner. The recipe is useful to both experienced and novice mistress. And if you make a fantasy, the vegetable stew of zucchini becomes an author's dish. To him you can serve a garnish of cereals, it's not in vain in France, ragout was considered an acute sauce.