Who are the animators? What you need to become a good animator? How to get a job as a animator? Read more about the work of the animator You can tell the country of the Soviets.

The term "animators" often refers to representatives of two professions. Animators are also specialists who create animated films and actors who amuse people in resort hotels or on city holidays.

Such a coincidence of the names of so many different professions is not accidental. The word "animator" comes from "animation" – animation – which translated to English means "animation, liveliness".   Is not it very symbolic?

In a word, who are these animators? It's impossible. This massovikov-zateyniki and subtle psychologists in one person. Animators give the public a lot of fun and a good mood, they radiate positive energy of youth. To each guest, to each resting animators find their "key" and allow to make the rest pleasant and useful.

Domestic animators nowadays you can often meet on various popular resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, UAE.   There they entertain the tourists "in full": they organize spectacular competitions, entertaining sports games, and prepare various show programs. Separately allocate children's animators - professionals who organize leisure for children aged 4 to 12 years.

Animators are invited persons of either sex aged 18 to 30 years. For the device to work an animator is desirable to have good health – people with serious chronic diseases such work is contraindicated. For those wishing to work with the animators is also very important is the level of knowledge of foreign languages.

The possession of at least one widely spoken foreign language, e.g. English or German at higher level   - in principle, a sufficient condition for the work of the animator. If your level of language proficiency is higher or you know several foreign languages, then you have all chances to become the main animator or to get to a more prestigious hotel with a corresponding salary increase.

Working day animator is usually 8-9 hours, but often animators have to work overtime.   Often, animators only conduct exercises or aerobic exercise in the morning, and then until the evening are completely free. This is due to the fact that during the daytime most tourists are either outside the hotel, or sunbathing on the beaches. "Real" work by the animator begins with the onset of the evening: show programs, discos, performances - all these are organized by the animators.

In the work of an animator of many young people attracted by the opportunity to relax, without spending a penny, because the accommodation and meals for further information. The entertainment team, as staff often have access to all the entertainment completely free of charge. Service Dr. the hotel animators are also free, but it is advisable to purchase medical insurance policy – it will help to avoid various health problems.

Din order to get a job as an animator, it is best to use the services of intermediary firms.   Such firms have extensive experience of employment abroad, have the appropriate permits and licenses. Also, the employed companies are ready to provide all possible assistance if necessary. Also, an intermediary firm can take on the procedure for issuing visas, buying air tickets.

To choose a good contractor for employment to work as a animator. it is best to listen to the recommendations of friends and acquaintances who already have experience of cooperation with this firm, or to search for reviews about the firm on the Internet. The risk of stumbling upon scammers, unfortunately, is very high.