Many people like to eat salted trout or salmon, but it's better not to buy ready-made fish at the store, but cook yourself. Trying to do this several times, you will find your own unique recipe for a salty mixture and will regularly delight your family and friends, both in everyday life and on holidays.

Traditionally, the fish is seasoned with a mixture of coarse salt with a small amount of sugar. Some gourmets add other spices. After standing for a few days she admits the juice and absorbs the right amount of salt, so to ruin the dish too salty sharp taste you are unlikely to succeed.

The basic rules of pickle trout in the home

  1. It is better to buy fresh fish. Experts say that it is much tastier, but if no choice is perfect frozen.
  2. If you wish to pickle several parties, buy whole house and have it into individual servings. To prepare it for sandwiches, it is better to purchase frozen oven-ready products.
  3. Salty trout should be stored in an enamel, glass or ceramic dishes, but in any case not in the iron. So the dish may acquire a persistent metallic taste.
  4. Put it in a bowl in layers, sprinkling zasolochny mixture. After that, it is better to cover, wrap or thin cloth and place in refrigerator.
  5. When the trout will sasalita, carefully remove it from the tank. It must be covered with juice. You can just blot it with a tissue or to drain yourself. But in any case, do not wash, otherwise it will lose its taste.
  6. For those who are afraid to eat salted fish because of the germs that remain in the raw product, you can immediately tell that the salt perfectly eliminates all harmful microorganisms, and she does not lose taste and attractive appearance.

Pickles recipes with photos

Salted trout in Finnish

  • trout or any other red fish – 500 g
  • fresh dill – 100 g
  • coarse salt (can use sea) – 3 tbsp
  • sugar – 3 tbsp
  1. Wash and cut the fish into desired pieces without removing the skin.
  2. Mix salt and sugar and RUB this mixture every piece.
  3. Dill wash and dry, but do not slice.
  4. In a container for pickling, put a third of the dill, then a layer of fish skin down, spread the remains of the dill, and again put a layer of fish, but this time skin side up. The top cover plate and press a small load.
  5. Pot with trout keep at room temperature for eight hours, then you can put it in the refrigerator, where it will reach the desired state turn two days.

Trout with honey

  • fish - 1 kg
  • salt – 3 tbsp
  • honey – 1 tbsp
  1. A whole fish, rinse, dry thoroughly and cut into portions. If you have fillets, it is also necessary to wash and dry, and then remove the skin.
  2. Stir the honey and salt and gently rubbed with a mixture of fish. When the honey will melt a little, you can RUB it in pieces trout more rapidly.
  3. Ready trout spread in a glass bowl, a fillet is twisted in small rolls.
  4. Cover pot with a lid and remove to a day in the refrigerator. After that, the fish need to open, stir and again to hide in the refrigerator. This procedure must be repeated every 24 hours that the fish is evenly coated with the resulting juice.
  5. On the last day of brining, the brine can be poured and start to eat fish.

Salting red fish real quick

  • trout or salmon – 1 kg
  • stone or sea salt – 3 tbsp
  • water – 0.5 l
  • pepper peas – 8 PCs.
  • Bay leaf – 3 PCs.
  • vinegar – 1 tbsp
  • vegetable oil – 50 ml
  • onion – 1 PC.
  1. Fish wash, dry, cut into pieces and put them in a container for pickling.
  2. Take a pint of water and dissolve in it the salt. Mix thoroughly until the complete disappearance of salt and pour the mixture trout. Put it on top of a small sinker on it and leave colitisa at room temperature for a couple of hours.
  3. Drain the mixture and prepare a new one. Take a glass of water and add it to the vinegar. In this brine the fish should be no longer than five minutes.
  4. Cut onion rings, mixed it with vegetable oil, Bay leaf and pepper, pour into the bowl and put the fish in there. Within twenty minutes you can serve it on the table.