Recently my husband took me to dinner in a restaurant. I cook, so to speak, so to speak, so my faithful prefers to eat in cafes or restaurants, thereby freeing himself from the need to choke inedible food, and me - from the transfer of products and wasted time. In the restaurant we ordered a delicious dish - meat with pineapple under sweet and sour sauce. Moreover, I liked to such an extent that I decided to repeat this masterpiece. It cost me loud and long groaning in the kitchen, tears, broken and burnt utensils, soothing shopping and the departure of the lost hope of her husband to her mother. But, nevertheless, to spite all enemies, and first of all - my mother-in-law, I succeeded! At the tasting was a friend - an unmatched cook, a hungry husband, and sweet and sour, like a sauce, mother in law. The verdict was unanimous - the meat turned out to be excellent, juicy, well-fried and very tasty. Now this is one of my favorite dishes. Want, I will share the recipe?

Meat with pineapple in sweet and sour sauce

Necessary ingredients:

  • Pork – 0.5 kg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Sweet pepper – 2 PCs
  • Canned pineapple – 4-5 rings
  • Vinegar – 2 tbsp
  • Ketchup – 2 tbsp
  • Half of the bulbs
  • Lemon – 1 PC.
  • Soy sauce – 2 tbsp
  • Sugar – 1 tbsp

Method of preparation:

  1. Beats the meat.
  2. Cut into small pieces and put in a bowl.
  3. Make the marinade: mix soy sauce, egg yolk and lemon.
  4. Mix the meat with the marinade and let marinate for 30 minutes.
  5. Cut peppers, onions and pineapples in small pieces.
  6. Take out the meat, drain off the marinade and fry.
  7. Spread the meat on a napkin so the excess oil is absorbed.
  8. Fry the onion until Golden brown, add the peppers, then the pineapple.
  9. To the browned vegetables add a tablespoon of soy sauce, ketchup, vinegar and sugar and fry all together.
  10. To this mixture, add the meat and stir.

As a side dish suitable rice or Chinese noodles. The meat is a bit sweet, but very soft due to the marinade.

And this recipe, inspired by my experiments, I have mastered my husband, who loves Oriental cuisine, and now it's his signature dish.

Meat in sweet and sour sauce with vegetables and mushrooms

Necessary ingredients:

  • Pork – 0.5 kg
  • Onion – 1 piece
  • Carrots – 1 piece
  • Garlic – 2 zubochka
  • Bulgarian pepper – 1 PC.
  • Chili pepper – 1 PC.
  • Starch – 1 tsp
  • Vinegar -1 tbsp
  • Pea green – 5 PCs
  • Green beans – 5 pieces
  • Ginger – 1 tbsp
  • Cinnamon – ½ tsp
  • Canned pineapple – 2 rings
  • Fresh mushrooms – 5 g
  • Chicken broth – 125 ml
  • Celery – 1 stalk
  • Soy sauce – 3 tbsp
  • Salt, pepper – to taste
  • Vegetable oil – 3 tbsp
  • Brown sugar – 3 tbsp

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut into julienne carrots, beans, peas, peppers, and pineapple.
  2. Cut across the grain celery
  3. RUB on a small grater ginger.
  4. Cut onion half rings and small pieces of garlic.
  5. Cut into julienne the mushroom caps.
  6. Cut the meat strips.
  7. Put on fire and bring to boil the celery, boil it for a minute. Pull out and cover with cold water.
  8. In the same way boil the carrots and peas.
  9. Fry the meat, set aside in separate bowl.
  10. Fry in the same oil where the meat was browned, carrot, celery, ginger and chilli.
  11. Add pineapple, mushrooms and bell pepper.
  12. To the vegetables add the pork and mix everything together and leave on low heat.
  13. Make a sauce: mix soy sauce, vinegar and sugar.
  14. Pour the sauce over the meat and vegetables.
  15. We raise the starch in the broth and pour it into the pan too.
  16. Stir everything and keep on heat until sauce fully thickens.
  17. Pepper and salt to taste.

Cook together, the kitchen brings together!