Variants, how to bake fish in foil in the oven is an impressive amount. This is understandable, because the dishes are not only delicious, but also simple in cooking. In addition, you still need to try to spoil the dish. This is still not an open fire, and the foil, in part, protects the product from excessively high temperatures and does not allow it to overdry or burn.

Features fish, baked in foil

Before proceeding with the description of specific recipes, it is worthwhile to give several interesting facts and features of this method of preparation.

  • when cooking fish, the river, wash it, clean and gut. Before cooking it is very important to handle it thermally, otherwise you risk to get parasites in the body
  • don't be afraid to start bake is not unfrozen sea fish, nothing wrong with that, and the taste impact is not very
  • spices can be placed directly in foil. In addition, there, placed and greens, fruits or vegetables, onion
  • garlic and pepper – a great seasoning for sea creatures, but in General you can use any spices, it all depends on you
  • lemon gives the finished dish a unique flavor, besides great for a marinade like soy sauce
  • when the fish is too dry, add extra butter into the abdomen is good if it is prepared whole or in slices, coat with oil, and part of the stick under the foil.

Of course, this is not all the nuances of cooking seafood, but only a small part of them. Remember, basically everything depends on your own sense of taste.

The process of cooking fish in foil

The process itself can be described very briefly: we clean, mine, the regime into pieces or leave the whole, open the foil and put the fish on it, add seasonings and salt to taste, lemon juice. It is advisable to put the lemon directly in the foil, on slices of fish. We wrap and fasten the foil, set the temperature and put it inside the oven. We are waiting for our yummy to cook.

By the way, when preparing foil, it is very convenient to divide it into so-called "sectors", thereby breaking the total area into several branches, for each guest. The point is that the amount of seasoning and salt, as well as some additional dishes, such as greens, garlic or onions, come to everyone who will participate in the meal.

Recipe fish in the oven

For cooking you need: whole salmon or trout, any spices, for your taste, butter, preferably olive, parsley and lemon.

  1. You need to gut the fish, carefully cutting the belly. Carefully wash and dry
  2. Inside force be finely chopped lemon and parsley, olive oil
  3. Close the abdomen with sticks or special clamps, and the filet with two sides of wipe spices at your discretion
  4. We wrap the fillets in foil so that there are no holes left;
  5. Put the oven at 170-190 degrees
  6. As soon as it warmed up, put our fish and wait for 40 minutes
  7. For a few minutes to complete, open the foil and brush to grease the fish with oil, then cover again, leaving it to bake until fully cooked.

Enjoy your meal! Rejoice yourself and your loved ones with juicy and tasty baked fish in foil in the oven!