Sooner or later in every person's life there may come a time when he decides to quit his job. The reasons may be different: fatigue, low salary, conflicts in the team, more lucrative job offer, the decision to change the scope of activities. But for whatever reason, you are not going to leave, better do it nicely, after parting on good terms. So you need to know how to quit.

Before you quit your job, you need to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. It is not necessary to make decisions spontaneously, for example, upon delivery of a major project or just in the period of the deadline. This stress sooner or later will pass and you'll regret if you quit work just because of temporary difficulties. If your work does not suit you with something specific, think about what could make you stay – say, higher wages. Try to talk to the chief maybe he will meet you and you will have no reason to quit. But in any look not require, not blackmail and ultimatums do not put.

If you decided to quit your job, don't go “nowhere”, it's dangerous. The longer you remain unemployed, the less your value as a specialist. To properly quit, try to pre-find a new job. Post your resume on the website with vacancies, find out from friends – maybe somewhere in need of a new employee. But these searches do not need to know your colleagues, especially if you are not announced his decision to resign. You may find a traitor and a defector, and if they tell the boss before you submit the resignation, the problems are guaranteed.

To tell us about your care needs in writing. The statement must be signed by your supervisor. You must also supply the date of sighting and, if possible, register the application in the register of documents. If the boss refuses to accept your application, send it by registered mail – the company has the right not to accept and not to register it.

According to the Labor code after filing, you have to work on the place for two weeks. In practice, it turns out not always. If you have a good relationship with the boss and he has someone to replace you, he may let you go immediately after you will understand with current Affairs. And sometimes it happens that without you will not be able to finish a major project, or your successor needs training – then you may be asked to stay on the job longer. Sometimes a vindictive boss will try to burden you with this period try not to go at it on occasion and to protect their interests.

Before the end of the two-week period until an employment contract has not yet terminated you can change your mind. But be prepared that this attitude toward you in the community can not change for the better. To properly quit, it is best to follow the principle of “leaving – leave”. Some employees try to manipulate the authorities, threatening to leave if they do not raise or will not raise in the post, but this one is not too honest technique can be applied only once. And on your image in the eyes of colleagues and the employer it will affect rather negative.

On the last day of work will receive full payment according to the law. Unscrupulous employers can not issue you a work book or rely you pay, citing various reasons. But they have no right to do so. If the employer refuses to terminate the contract at the appointed day, gives you the necessary documents or wage arrears, you can apply for him in court. Although often lacking a call from a lawyer friend to threaten the chief and to the fact that your under the law. By the way, you before dismissal, you are entitled to use the remaining you have vacation days or receive monetary compensation.

Quit job on good terms. Even if you were not the most pleasant relations with colleagues, it is not necessary to give them a small mischief before you leave. First, no one knows how life turns out, and when I will cross your path. Second, before retiring the chief has to write you a letter of recommendation for the next employer. You don't want to spoil his future career? Third, the “word of mouth” has not been canceled, especially in small towns. Sooner or later the rumors about your ugly behavior with former colleagues will be able to reach these colleagues or even superiors.

By the way, about your colleagues. If you are going to work in the same area as before, not tear contacts. You may need their help, or Vice versa, you will be able to offer them a job. But don't try to Woo his new company is completely unethical on your part. You can arrange a farewell party or at least go somewhere with the part of the colleagues that you get the best. To properly quit my job please leave only good memories. But remember that people notice the blatant dishonesty, not fawn, do not suck and don't pour crocodile tears.

If you manage to quit, your future career is likely to be of any danger. Of course, leaving work, even peaceful and consensual – a lot of stress. But if you leave on good terms, you will be able to minimize its effects.