Most of the day we spend at work, so right the organization of the workplace very important. From the proper organization of the workplace depend on your health and productivity.

If you have the opportunity to choose the location of the desktop, try not to sit with your back to the door or the passage. You will constantly tense, because you can quietly come back. Sit facing the door too undesirable: you'll be in sight any who enter the room, and visitors will distract you. It is best to sit with your back to the wall and the partition wall, and a door or window must be on the side. If your Desk is against a wall and you have to contemplate all of her eight working hours, decorate with a photo or a poster, of course, if your office is allowed.

When the work place is very important where we sit. Office chair should have a high back that support the spine. Position backrest and chair height should be adjusted. The seat should not be too soft, it will distract you from work. Well, if the chair has armrests and a headrest – they will remove the burden from the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

For correct organization of a work place is very important, as is your computer. The keyboard should be at a distance of 10-15 cm from the edge of the table at the same angle as the forearm. The monitor should stand perpendicular to the table so it does not glare. Therefore it is not recommended to sit with your back to a window or other light sources to monitor is not reflected light. Distance to screen in your workplace should be 60-70 cm, to look at the screen slightly downward. If you, in addition to the computer work a lot with papers, you will need an additional source of lighting  - for example, a table lamp.

When the organization of the workplace suggest to divide the table into zones, each of which has its own purpose. If the center of the table is a computer, then to the right of it (where is the mouse) should be items that you use most often – phone, pen and Notepad, reference books. Slightly higher in the upper-right corner of the table, suggest to place business papers. Try to keep on the table the documentation that you need it today, and everything else hiding in a drawer.

Near the monitor it is possible to place things that will remind you of home: family photos or gifted to a dear person trinket. But remember that these items on your Desk should be no more than three. In the upper left corner of the table you can put the Cup, a houseplant, and watch. Lower left experts advise to put the sources of the necessary information – business journals, the weekly. Such organization of the workplace is considered optimal.

The key to proper organization of the workplace – minimalism. The less items on your Desk, the more comfortable you will work. Leave it only the most necessary, do not clutter your workplace. Keep on it only those items that you might need, the rest it is better to put in the drawers. Stationery is better to keep in a desktop organiser. Documents should be put in labeled folders, each of which shall be a definite place. The same applies to electronic documents randomly stored on the hard disk files do not enhance productivity.

After fixing the order in the workplace, it is very important to support it. Taking the object out of the box, put it in place, do not leave unnecessary things on the table. Taking the document from the folder, after work back. There are cases where important papers are buried under stacks of old documents, and to find them takes a lot of time and work is worth.

Proper organization of the workplace ensures your comfort and productivity.