Barley porridge often undeservedly ignored in the menu of prepared dishes. Heavy on the stomach, tasteless, causing flatulence – what about her did not hear. And just because many women do not know the secrets of how to cook pearl barley. Even in ancient times, the rump were able to get out of barley and knew all about its beneficial properties. The warriors increased strength and endurance, achieved muscle-building, eating foods from barley. Grits promotes the development not only of brute masculine force. It improves metabolism, stimulates activity of the brain and nervous system.

Those who think that saturate the body proteins by eating meat, fish and milk are mistaken. To cook pearl barley – so to enrich themselves with amino acids and proteins. Let them not so much, but among them essential lysine. Vitamins (A, D, E, B, folic and nicotinic acid), macro - and micronutrients (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iodine, etc.) are also present. Dietary fiber promote normal bowel function. Carbohydrates are mainly useful complex compounds.

How to use super useful product

The pearl-barley porridge is a dish very suitable for healthy people, will help those who want to make their diet balanced and rational. If you know how to cook pearl barley, it can be used in diets. The family budget will not suffer, because the price is quite reasonable.

Breakfast will be healthy and nutritious if served porridge as a main dish with jam, nuts, dried fruits. Such delicious food with butter, milk or cream. More often Housewives are wondering how to cook barley porridge on the side. The dish can be made from two types of barley: average with elongated grains and Dutch with grains resembling a ball.

Buying a product, it is good to consider it. It is better to do if the package is transparent plastic. No need to pay extra money for bran, dust and debris. Shelf life is available not only in perishable products, but also in grain products. Carefully review this information. Want to know how to cook pearl barley? Loose the dish will turn out as you increase its original volume by 5-6 times. This happens when cooking within an hour. A little faster is cooked Dutch. Friable porridge made of barley would be delicious with meat stew and fish cakes, braised mushrooms and fried chicken. Emphasize the taste of food sauces or dressings. Soup or pickle Dutch are tasty and filling.

The secret of making a tasty garnish

How to cook barley porridge on the water? To start with the measuring Cup. This can be a glass, Cup or mug – it doesn't matter. It is important to strictly observe the proportions. Grits and water for soaking in the same ratio of water for cooking 3-4 times more. Cold running water thoroughly rinse the groats. In order to swell, fill with cold water, you can do it at night. Part of the liquid which is not absorbed, drain. And once again rinse with cold running water.

A little secret: in order to reduce the phenomenon of flatus, which happen when eating large amounts of fiber, cereals before cooking pour boiling water for 10 minutes. The liquid is drained, add 3-4 measures of cold water, bring to a boil, reduce fire and cook at low temperature with the lid closed. To prevent burning, stir periodically.

A delicious dish in a slow cooker

Recipe barley porridge in multivarka simple, like cooking many other dishes in this wonderful machine. Cereals prepared – washed, allowed to swell, a little proprium. Lay in the working capacity of the machine, fill with cold water or boil. Cook as described in the instructions, in the specified mode at least one hour.