An amazing salad of rocket, according to experts, is considered a spice. He appeared on our tables e recently. But in Europe, especially in Italy, Spezia has long been firmly established in many traditional recipes. Her love for unusual spicy taste and the fact that she is able to revive even the most boring dish. The Italians can not imagine without a product or meat carpaccio or with a simple salad. By the way, with them began the history of the use of spices, so we'll talk more about them.

Salad with rocket, tuna, tomato and mozzarella

This recipe is very simple to prepare. Suitable as the main dish for people who follow their figure, because it contains a large amount of fiber and useful microelements, so necessary for a losing body.

  • one jar of canned tuna
  • a few medium-sized tomatoes
  • one hundred grams of mozzarella
  • lettuce leaves
  • red onion
  • some olives
  • rocket
  • salt and pepper to taste

Lettuce and tomatoes rinse well under running water and coarsely chop. Lettuce leaves can not even cut, just to break it. After adding coarsely diced mozzarella and a little red onion, cut into rings. Next drain all the oil from the canned tuna, pierce it with a fork in several places and add to the dish. Now it is small – add entire maslinka, and put on top of the arugula.

Before serving, add salt, spices and olive oil. By the way, do not try to tear off the tomatoes, cut into large pieces. So they will better "sound", both visually and in the mouth.

An interesting recipe for salad from rucola

Another interesting Mediterranean dish in the fish direction – a salad of arugula, octopus, celery. Ingredients for salad:

  • one octopus
  • surimi or crab meat
  • celery
  • sprig cherry tomatoes
  • rocket
  • lemon juice, salt, pepper.

For starters, the octopus should be cleaned from dark skin, to remove the tooth and boil for 20-30 minutes. If you bought a frozen octopus, it will be already cleaned and ready for further cooking. The willingness of the octopus is tested with a fork. If it is well-pierced – so ready. While it cooks, cut into slices one centimetre surimi and slightly smaller than the celery. The tomatoes go in whole, so cut them do not. When the octopus is cooked and slightly cooled, slice it in the same way as surimi, but the tentacles can be cut and slightly larger. When all the ingredients are connected, liberally sprinkle the salad with rocket, drizzle with olive oil and add some salt.

Some tips for cooking with arugula

To summarize some important rules for the use of spices. Always add the arugula to the salad just before serving. This delicate spice will not tolerate a long open storage in the refrigerator and loses its "commercial" appearance and distinctive taste.

It is advisable to combine it with a vegetables with high water content: tomatoes, cucumbers, since rucola has a slightly tart taste, and, consequently, along with the sweet pepper and carrot salad will become dry.

When preparing salads from rucola, try not to overdo it with the addition of other spices, because in itself it is quite piquant in taste.

Despite the large number of useful vitamins and trace elements, people with urolithiasis should be very careful with the use of this product, and, if possible, be excluded from the diet.

Variations on the theme of dishes from arugula can be a lot, because this spice is combined with any products. So if you don't know how quickly to treat and surprise guests, you can prepare the usual salad of arugula with shrimp or chicken. In any case, today even a novice in cooking can always learn on the Internet original recipes with photos for a salad made of arugula.