Liver cake – a cake made from layers of minced liver and greased with mayonnaise. The origins of liver cake is unknown, but it is not difficult to guess that its author was a wonderful hostess and caring mother who understood the value and usefulness of the liver.

Because children do not like this product and force them to eat it is impossible. But if you give the liver in the form of a cake, adorned with flowers and animals, it will be no crumbs. For a growing body, and for any other the liver, is an essential component of the menu, as it contains many vitamins (A, b, C, B6, B12), amino acids and minerals. It is especially rich in iron content, which is useful for low hemoglobin. So to all the moms and wives we need to adopt the tips on cooking this "dessert":

  • choose fresh liver of young animals, as it absorbs harmful substances, and the older the animal, the more of them in it
  • chefs recommend goose or Turkey liver. It is believed to be the two most suitable species
  • the bitterness is removed by soaking in milk for about an hour
  • the problem of liver stiffness decide scalding her with boiling water
  • not recommended to use for a recipe for liver cake, pork by-products, because of the peculiar smell
  • with the liver removed the tape and cleaned all the ducts, as they are remnants of bile
  • people with the disease and the bile with a high cholesterol dish is contraindicated
  • be sure to moisten the fried layers of cloth to remove excess oil
  • choose low-fat mayonnaise, because the liver is very high in calories by itself.

Liver cake, cooking

How to cook liver cake, many people know, but how to make it light and not greasy? This liver cake, the recipe of which may require a little more time will not leave anyone indifferent, and even those who do not like this delicious by-product. The main thing is to choose the liver birds – it's diet and delicate taste.

Method of preparation

  1. The liver was washed thoroughly, removing the ducts and film.
  2. Pass through a meat grinder or scroll in a blender
  3. Add finely chopped onion, herbs, salt and pepper, it turns out the consistency as pancakes.
  4. Pour everything on a baking sheet, greased, put in oven on the top shelf, covering the top with parchment, and the bottom pan with water. Turns out that the cake is baked in a water bath, so it will remain tender, will not burn and will not get too dry. Cook for 20 minutes.
  5. For cream low-fat mayonnaise mixed with grated boiled carrots.

This liver cake, unlike roasted, you will not interfere, and those who are dieting, because it is not used cooking fats and oils. And its components make up for the missing vitamins and minerals to those who are sitting on a strict diet, children and people who suffer severe diseases and operations. The amount of products is calculated from the norm of 200 grams per person. Greens add to taste at your discretion. You can also experiment with ingredients, mix well in liver cake, the recipe given above, carrots, mushrooms, prunes, green peas and many more.