Italian pizza is a real treat, which quickly spread around the world and equally loved the different layers of the population. Today it can be enjoyed in the café or restaurant, order takeaway or cook yourself. And if as fillers can be applied to virtually any ingredients according to your taste and desires, the right pizza dough has its own rules of cooking.

In this case, what kind of dough is needed for pizza - thick or thin - everyone decides, relying on their own taste.

Neapolitan dough on a pizza – recipe

The Italians are very demanding when it comes about the dough for pizza. To Neapolitan dough is correct, it is desirable to keep the proportions. As in the home to operate for this purpose have recommended the oven instead of the oven, the rest of the dough recipe for pizza, you should try to observe.

The necessary ingredients

Method of preparation

In order not to be disappointed and get the best pizza dough, start to do recommended in a pleasant mood. The Italians believe that the kitchen is all you should always keep a good mood, otherwise the product will absorb the charge of bad energy, and the dish will turn out tasteless. The same applies to poor health to the sick near the plate is also nothing to do. In all other respects, prepare yeast dough for pizza is a snap.

Kneading the dough is necessary in a deep bowl, to the hands was a place to roam. First poured all four cups is the most important part, then add salt and yeast. They do not need to pour in one place – it is necessary to evenly distribute over the entire surface of the backfill. After all this is thoroughly mixed, it's time to gradually add water. It should be just warm, not hot or cold. While flows the liquid, the dough is constantly mixed. Knead have ten minutes, it has ceased to stick to the palms.

After the necessary consistency is reached, it is returned to a deep bowl and covered with a food film.

Now it must "stand" at least 12-18 hours. During this time it takes three times to pay attention to him and press down with your fingers. Hurry up and start cooking right away the cakes will turn out not magnificent.

The next day the workpiece, it is time to get out of the container, shift on the Board, sprinkled with flour in bulk, to carefully press down on each side, and divided into portions balls. You can now roll out the dough and spread them Goodies.

This semi-finished product is perfectly stored, so it is not necessary to spend it immediately. It is possible to hide in the freezer until the next time.

Tips and advice

Recipe for traditional dishes complemented by clarifications about the flour. You want Italian, marked OO. But in local shops it is not always possible to find, local Housewives have pridumali versatile option. and baking, mixed in equal parts. Any recipe is allowed to use the flour.

If you do not have enough time to handle the semi-finished product the desired number of hours, the dough recipe for pizza involves some concessions permissible to put it on 120 minutes in the refrigerator. This will be enough so that it is easily unrolled and does not stick to hands.

If you want to bake a dough for pizza on milk, then it is advisable to choose New York recipes. Crusts can easily turn thin and crispy.

In this case, milk should not be used - the cake may not be suitable.