Wheat porridge can be rightly called one of the most ancient dishes on our table. After all, it is mentioned even in the Bible. It is not surprising, because wheat is one of the first grains our ancestors grew. How to cook wheat porridge, they knew even in the times before our era. Many recipes of kutya, served at the Christmas table, are prepared from this useful and ancient product.

Porridge is perfectly combined with meat, and with sweet ingredients - honey, nuts, poppy seeds.

How to cook wheat porridge tasty?

The dish should be cooked at least once a week, because it is very useful. Strengthens immunity, positively affects the skin condition, improves the digestive system. Because of the high amount of protein, it is useful to people with a lot of physical activity. Cooking a delicious side dish can be in a conventional saucepan, oven, multivark or steamer.

  • Before cooking croup, you need to choose it correctly. There are grains of coarse and fine crushing. The second type is often taken for casseroles or bitas. Porridges from it leave viscous, not always attractive on a kind. Many children do not like their taste only because of the appearance. Therefore it is better to choose a grain of large crushing. It is also recommended to add it to soups.
  • Melkozerova rinse before cooking should not be, and krupnozernovaya better to rinse well with plenty of water. There you can find even small stones.
  • When the water with the croup begins to boil, a certain amount of debris appears on its surface. It should be removed with a tablespoon.
  • Ideally, you should cook porridge in an iron pot because it holds heat very well. This cereal used for cooking Kulesza.

Recipe wheat porridge with meat

Your man still finds a favorite dish of fried potatoes? Then you haven't cooked him a wheat porridge with meat and onions.

Necessary ingredients:

Method of preparation

  • To start grind meat. Ideally, you should use pork, but you can add any other meat. Krupa goes well with chicken or beef.
  • Finely chop the onions and carrots.
  • Garlic can be cut, but it is better to crush. After all, we need to let the juice, it should be removed from the pan.
  • In a pot fry in vegetable oil onions and carrots, then add the meat and garlic. When the meat is browned, thrown in the cauldron Bay leaf, spices, salt.
  • After about 20-25 minutes take out the Bay leaf and garlic, add the wheat cereal. Cook until porridge is soft. Optionally, add the butter.

Original ways of cooking

Groats are considered unpopular, but practical housewives have long appreciated all its positive properties. The dish is considered an ideal breakfast, because it fills the body with a charge of energy and useful substances. It can be boiled on milk, add raisins, almonds, peanuts or walnuts. Often a delicacy is cooked with mushrooms.

In addition, the usual wheat porridge on the water will be perfectly combined with a kettle, fish or a light salad without mayonnaise.