Pork is not in vain very popular with cooks. After all, this meat can be easily processed, well prepared and has many useful substances, so necessary for the body. There is an opinion about the excessive fat content of pork, but this is not entirely true. Some parts are no fatter than beef or chicken. The main thing is to observe the measure, not to overeat, and then you definitely will not have to diet after a delicious chop.

One portion of a piece is enough to saturate the body with the necessary proteins and to satisfy the hunger of an adult male.

Recipe chops pork

It is easy to guess that the taste of the bitlets directly depends on the quality of the meat. This issue must be approached with all responsibility. Best if it is fresh meat, not thawed. For a lean chop will fit a brisket, a ham, a scapula. If you want to prepare a more satisfying dish, then take a portion of the neck.


Method of preparation:

  • cut the meat into portions across the grain, 1-2 cm thick, and repel. on both sides
  • coat the pieces with two sides mustard
  • finely-finely chop the garlic and push it into the meat with a knife across the plane
  • whisk the egg in a bowl
  • stir in dry containers pepper, Basil, breadcrumbs, salt
  • swirl the piece of meat in egg, then well, roll in mixture of breadcrumbs and seasonings
  • preheat the pan with vegetable oil until it crackles and put the chops
  • fry on high heat until Golden brown on underside, then flip and fry the second side and cook until done on a quiet fire.

This is a simple recipe, but it will give you a taste of meat and spices in full. Serve hot with any side dish to taste or - just with vegetables.

Tips on cooking pork chops

To ensure that the meat does not turn out to be stiff and dry, follow certain rules:

  • before cooking raw meat dry with a towel
  • you need to beat until soft, but the meat should not show through
  • if you cook from frozen meat, then defrost it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator beforehand, but in no case in the microwave;
  • no need to add salt immediately. Salt absorbs the juice, and with it gone, and nutrients. To prisolit possible after the first turning
  • fried each side about 5 minutes
  • for more juiciness before hitting the meat sprinkle a small amount of cold water, and the oily parts make small incisions
  • to lay out pieces strictly on the heated frying pan, so they will quickly cover with a crust and will not lose moisture;
  • readiness is easy to verify by making a cut in the middle. If you highlight transparent liquid, then everything is fine. If there is a pink shade, you should still fry. It is very important to fry pork meat until fully cooked, to avoid unpleasant consequences with health.

If you stick to these simple recommendations, your chops will be just as good as the restaurant ones.

This dish is suitable for a solemn table, as a hot appetizer, and for a daily meal. Pork taste is perfectly combined with spicy spices, prunes, cheese and sweet and sour sauces.