The benefits of fungi "pecherics" are written a lot, they are both antioxidants, and an excellent anti-cold remedy, and increasing immunity, and most importantly they are an excellent source of vegetable protein. They are much more delicious with soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and much more. This product is perfectly combined with meat and vegetables. If you are interested in how to prepare champignons, then we offer you the 10 most simple dishes from champignons, the recipes of which will please you with their accessibility.

Mushrooms, cooking recipes

  1. If you are tired of ordinary sandwiches with sausage, then you should know how to make mushrooms in a hurry for sandwiches and sandwiches. We pass the small pieces, we use as a stuffing with cheese, sour cream or brynza.
  2. Chicken with mushrooms - more than a classical union and not find it, it's an interesting and harmonious combination: cook the fries with onions and carrots, chop the cooked chicken, divide the meat from the bones, cut into strips 1 cm wide, lay a layer of meat and a layer of fried mushrooms, served with any side dish.
  3. Salad with mushrooms recipe "glade": layers, greased with mayonnaise, from chicken, mushrooms, prunes and boiled eggs. The combination of champignons with chicken is often found in snacks. With such a complex, you can safely experiment and implement the author's ideas.
  4. Soup with mushrooms in a frying pan: mushrooms stew with any vegetables, add water, bring to a boil, put potatoes in straw, spices to taste, cook for 5-7 minutes, before filling, pour 20% cream. Of course, this is a very simplified technology, but that's the essence - quickly and ingeniously.
  5. How to cook champignon mushrooms for garnish: stew whole specimens of medium size on low heat with butter and garlic. Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve with meat and cream sauces. A simpler, but at the same time unusual garnish is not found.
  6. How to cook fresh champignons and eat them raw? Absolutely positive answer, they can be eaten raw. To do this, trim the legs, rinse, cut into quarters, mix with cubes of boiled potatoes and sausage, salt and season with sour cream.
  7. If you are wondering what to make of champignons for the winter, then the answer is obvious - caviar. Fresh mushrooms, carrots, onion twisted in a meat grinder in proportion 2/1/1. Stew on low heat with the addition of oil, salt, garlic and pepper. Keep refrigerated.
  8. If you want a tight breakfast, after receiving a lot of nutrients from food, you should know how to prepare delicious mushrooms for breakfast. Remove the leg, wash and cut with plates, fry in oil. We beat eggs with salt and a pinch of soda, pour into the frying pan, three minutes - and a hearty omelette can be eaten.
  9. A beautiful dish of mushrooms and eggplant: cut the vegetables with plates, salt and after half an hour (during this time, they will be separated from the bitter juice), fry in the oven for 10 minutes. Prepare the mushrooms: stew them with garlic until evaporation of the liquid, lay out on the eggplant and wrap it with a roll, punching with a toothpick, set for 15 minutes in the oven. Then roll the rolls with cheese.

  • The preparation of champignons on skewers is a fascinating and intriguing process. This shish kebab is suitable for vegetarians: whole mushrooms string on skewers, alternating with zucchini or pepper, salt and bake on charcoal. These forest gifts, which are now cultivated by man, and they can be bought in any store: frozen or in a jar, are quite inexpensive. But with the help of them you can diversify the menu, make it interesting and original. It's not for nothing that Louis 14 himself gave his palace cellar for their cultivation. The famous French soups-mashed potatoes were based on them. Every well-off Parisian considered it his duty to grow them in the basement of his house. And after in all European cafes and restaurants, numerous culinary ideas appeared, similar to the above. As you can see, there are a lot of options, but their main distinguishing feature is simplicity. You do not need to be a great chef at an expensive restaurant to be able to pamper your loved ones with mushroom snacks. Even if on the threshold quite unexpectedly draw the guests, you will not need much time to gather on the table a variety of delicious and healthy treats. To become the best mistress with such recipes is easy!