This dish was created by the cook of Count Stroganov at a time when open lunches were in vogue. Incorporating Russian and French traditions, it quickly found its admirers in the circles of the intelligentsia and gained popularity. This dish occupied an honorary place in many culinary books of that time.

Since then, the recipe for Beef Stroganov has often been distorted and supplemented, but it is the original classic recipe that is considered the product of culinary art. Any self-respecting Russian restaurant must have in the menu beef stroganoff from beef.

How to make beef Stroganoff beef house

The most important is the right choice of meat. Beef should be dark red in color, preferably without streaks. To test the freshness can be a slight pressure of the finger. If the recess is formed and then quickly smoothed, then you can take. Frozen meat do not give the same taste as fresh. But if you still have to use it for cooking, pre-thaw on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. From the microwave should be abandoned. Defrost will not be uniform, which will affect the taste of the dishes.


Method of preparation:

  • meat is prepared (washed and dried) cut into pieces as for chops, with a thickness of about 1 cm, Repel.
  • repulsed pieces sprinkle with salt and pepper and cut into strips
  • place juice, finely chopped herbs, garlic and nuts in a small container and mix well
  • cut the peeled onion lengthwise into four parts and chop
  • on a heated pan with vegetable oil put the onion, then the slices of meat. Fry on medium heat until Golden brown
  • cream mix with a glass of water and put on fire. When boiling, add the starch, dissolved in water, reduce heat and simmer 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then pour sour cream and simmer another 10 minutes
  • when the meat is ready, pour into the pan the mixture with tomato juice and simmer on medium heat for another 15 minutes
  • pour the cream sauce and simmer another 15 minutes.
  • Allow to stand for 15-20 minutes, and the beef Stroganoff is ready!

Is considered a tradition to serve this dish with roast potatoes or French fries. However, as a side dish is perfect with boiled rice or buckwheat.

How to make beef Stroganoff tastier

For this it is important to follow certain rules:

  • it should be noted that slice the meat need only across the grain, otherwise it will be very difficult to bite off
  • on a hot pan lay first the onion and then the meat and fry on high heat until Golden brown, then heat can be abated
  • this dish goes very well with tomatoes
  • if you add a little when frying mushrooms, the flavor will be unique
  • serve hot just after cooking. Warmed up, it completely loses its flavor and aroma.

Adhering to such rules, you will prepare real beef Stroganoff. But it is not necessary to adhere to the canons thoroughly, because everyone has different tastes. And you will not spoil the dish if you add your favorite spice or seasoning during cooking.