Unfortunately, diarrhea in a cat is quite common. When this happens, we do not quite understand the cause of this disease and certainly do not assume that it is we, or rather our negligence and inattention, that has the most direct relation to this.

Diarrhea in a cat does not arise by itself, this will necessarily contribute to a number of our omissions. After all, cats are very sensitive creatures, they are not only close enough emotionally to their master, but also physiologically, they also need a variety of their food and its freshness.

Causes of diarrhea and vomiting in cats

If your cat's diarrhea, you should analyze what could be the cause of this confusion is to understand what you need to do next. Maybe the food used your pet precise and thus formed a large number of chlorobutane bacteria that caused your cat's diarrhea and vomiting.

Perhaps your cat is inadvertently swallowed any dangerous object, while the cat will experience diarrhea with blood. Also, your pet may suffer from diarrhea if the diet enters the monotonous food, which enriches needed for a good life vitamins, or food that is not a quality, this is especially true for dry cat food.

Diarrhea in cats – how to treat

If there is diarrhea in a cat, treatment should be right and safe. It is necessary to decide what to treat it, because it is definitely a sign of illness or infection of the gastrointestinal tract. What should you give the cat for diarrhea? Answer: nothing but boiled water throughout the day.

No food, the body must be thoroughly cleansed of all harmful sources of diarrhea. From the next day, start feeding your pet, but be sure to fresh food in small portions and watch the reaction, let the pet gradually get used to eating, so as not to cause new vomiting reflexes.

And of course, in the future, try to monitor the ration of your animal. Change food frequently on its plate, wash cat food and give it those products, in freshness you do not doubt. In addition to the above reasons for diarrhea in a cat, there may be others that do not depend on you. For example, from entering the intestine of the wool, which the cats constantly lick.