Semolina or love, or do not stand on the spirit – no middle ground. And all because in childhood all her food, and those who don't like it, just unlucky with the chef. Surely it was cooked incorrectly, lumpy and bland. In fact, many do not know how to make porridge so that she liked children. But really, cook it quite easy. You only need to know a few principles, how to cook porridge semolina, and the result will not keep itself waiting. Your children, as adults, will ask for your semolina recipe. Semolina is the product obtained after grinding wheat. Unfortunately, there is practically no vitamins and fiber. But this grain belongs to the most easily digestible foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein. Thanks to its energy value is high enough, and the Breakfast was perfect. Moreover, in combination with milk and butter, this Breakfast will give you energy until lunchtime.

Useful tips:

  • cooking this dish is best with milk, then it will be smooth and creamy
  • quality grains can be determined by its uniformity of color and uniform in size and shape to the grains
  • if one milk is not acceptable, then you need to dilute with water 50/50
  • this product came out very tasty cream cakes and pastries, puddings and mousses. They need thick, dense consistency
  • only to fall asleep in the boiling liquid very thin stream, then the grains will swell evenly and not form lumps
  • sugar and salt should be added directly before boiling, but the oil as possible while cooking and when serving food on the table
  • it is important that the semolina does not burn. How to cook it, avoiding sticking: in a saucepan pour a little water, so that only close the bottom, boil and pour the milk, pour the rump;
  • how to make porridge is not thick and not liquid: keep the ratio of liquid and grains is based on ½ liter to 4 tablespoons of cereal. Or until it swells and thickens, take your time and not desipate more
  • you can add different jams and preserves, berries and fruit. It is combined with many additives, some of her flavored condensed milk
  • use warm or hot, cold loses its flavor
  • children will be more interesting if you decorate a plate of porridge, drawing on it with different fruits pictures.

How to cook porridge semolina with milk:

  1. First of all, listen to the above advice.
  2. Ingredients: 500 grams milk, 50 grams of water, 120 to 150 grams of cereals, salt and sugar to taste.
  3. On the bottom of the pan pour water and boil, so you can avoid sticking of the product to the bottom. Add the milk, bring to a boil. Salt to taste to fall asleep and stir. Grits in a thin stream, add slowly the boiling water, stirring constantly. Cook for three minutes. Add sugar and butter, if desired. Cover and let stand fifteen minutes. Real salvation thanks to the enveloping effect will be a semolina porridge for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.