Pancakes– it's almost a universal dish! Recipes and ways to feed them such great variety that everyone can choose for themselves exactly what he likes. But here's the thing – not every housewife they work. Next, consider one great recipe which your dish will always be amazing. And you, as the hostess (or host), you will be always on top!

How to bake pancakes on the mineral water?

This recipe for pancakes is quite simple, but very interesting. What should I do?

  • flour – half Cup
  • mineral water – about a Cup
  • milk two thirds Cup
  • one egg
  • vegetable oil and a half tablespoons
  • salt, sugar, baking soda, half teaspoon each

Method of preparation

Step one. All the dry ingredients – flour, salt, soda, sugar – mix in a convenient bowl.

Step two. In another bowl we mix all the "wet" ingredients. We beat the egg with a fork or a whisk, add vegetable oil to it, then pour in the milk, and then water.

Step three. In the dishes with dry ingredients, slowly begin to pour in a mixture of wet, constantly carefully mix a fork or a whisk. If the dough turned dense - we add mineral water.

Step four. We put the frying pan on the fire and wait until it warms up well. We pour in a portion of the dough and spin the frying pan so that it all rises well over the entire surface.

Step five. After the underside of our pancake was browned, turn it over to the other side and fry for about half a minute. Then shift it to the plate and proceed to the second one.

That's the way of cooking pancakes. Can now do with them whatever you want – stuffed, just eat, do pancake cake or "kórnik". With this dish any your fantasy will become a reality.

How to bake pancakes?

For baking, it is best to use a frying pan with a thick bottom and fry at medium temperature.

If your pan is uncoated, it before each pancake it is necessary to coat with vegetable oil or a slice of bacon. For this half of the tuber peeled potatoes of medium size chop on a convenient fork, smear this half, dipped in vegetable oil, the surface of the pan. A piece of bacon just need to chop the plug and to lubricate the pan, just try to take a bigger piece that you plug don't scratch the surface and the pan will be spoiled.

When baking a large amount – every promazyvaya butter while still hot – it will melt and impregnate the man. But try not to put them all in a pile on one another, under the pressure of the upper and lower can strongly "glued" between themselves and difficult for you they will then share. It is best to fold them into triangles (in half, then in half again, and half again) and place on a plate like a fan.

If instead of milk you add beetroot juice, turmeric solution or spinach juice to the dough - the baking turns out to be multi-colored. It just looks great in pancakes, both salted and meat, and sweet fruit.

In order to make your dough has always been homogeneous and without lumps, give him time for at least half an hour under cling film in a cool place. The dough after a "proofing" it turns out very smooth and elastic. The quality is thin and transparent.

In the days of our grandparents, if the mistress didn't make a recipe of pancakes, was a secret: some of the relatives began with a stern voice tell her "why are you so inept are growing, all of it deteriorates and falls down!". After these words, for some reason, it always worked.

Here's a simple recipe for pancakes and a few tips on how to bake pancakes on milk. Good luck in your kitchen! And let you never and nothing will be a "lump"!