Beef is cow's meat, it can be distinguished by its color: old meat or young. If the young is extinguished quickly, then the old needs to be given more attention. Recipes how to cook beef, a lot. It is cooked with prunes - the meat loves sweet seasonings, in vegetables and sour cream, and if you know a few secrets, then the stewed beef will turn out juicy and soft.

Consider one of the ways how to extinguish beef

We will need the following ingredients:

  • 500 g of ham (you can also shovel, but you'll have to extinguish longer)
  • 2 onion heads
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 tbsp. mustard spoon (ready-made)
  • 100 g of vegetable oil
  • 3 tomatoes
  • salt, pepper, spices for beef to taste

Method of preparation

Braised beef - the recipe is quite simple. Mine and cut into pieces of medium size. Do not forget that the cutting is done across the fibers.

How to cook beef to make it soft? We smear the pieces with mustard, the mustard will give softness and tenderness.

We put the frying pan on the fire and pour oil there. As soon as the oil is heated, we spread the pieces and quickly fry them to a ruddy crust so that the juice remains inside.

In a separate frying pan fry the onion, cut into thin semicircles, add carrots and fry until half cooked.

We put everything in a container in which the dish will be stewed. Add water to cover the dish with a quarter of the phalanx of the finger. Solim, spices yet do not add. Leave to extinguish on small fire for about twenty to thirty minutes. The length depends on the age of the meat. The old is stewed much longer than the young one.

As soon as there is ten minutes until done, chop the tomatoes and put them to the dish, also add the spices.

You can serve a dish with potatoes, as with mashed potatoes, and with whole (boiled), as well as with pasta or pea puree.

As a tasty stew beef tips

Now consider a few tips on how to improve the taste of meat.

To ensure that the meat remains juicy when extinguishing, it must be fried in a hotly heated frying pan and not salt, and the formed crust will preserve juiciness and cook beef deliciously.

To put out the beef and give it a special taste, buy special spices already picked up, in the store of such spices a lot, carefully read the label.

To distinguish when buying old meat from a young one can be by color - not only meat, but also fat. The old color is rich burgundy, and the fat is yellow. The young - the color is soft pink and light fat.

Take for extinguishing is best the back or cutting, but the tenderloin - this is the most expensive part, basically extinguish the ham from the back of the carcass. You can put out a shovel, but the time to cook stewed beef on the recipe will go more.

Do not forget that the stewed beef is served on the table with the sauce in which it was cooked.

Many housewives do not like beef and try not to use it for the festive table, because they are afraid not to cope with its "habit" and spoil the central dish. However, such fears are associated exclusively with a lack of experience in the preparation of dishes from cow meat. With the right approach, as well as knowledge of small tricks and secrets, your guests will always be amazed by your culinary skills, which will equally apply to all kinds of meat dishes, not just standard pork.