How to make pasta in the Navy, any sailor knows. A sea dish will have a liking for those who live on land. Nutritious, hearty, pleasant to taste pasta in the Navy, will please everyone who wants to cheer themselves up. Among nutritionists, there is an opinion that products made from wholemeal flour do not increase weight, but on the contrary contribute to its reduction. Moreover, experts have revealed that pasta products increase mood, because they are carbohydrates, necessary for the body. It is they who recommend each day to each of us.

Prepare pasta in a Navy easy. They can be eaten at any time convenient for you without a twinge of conscience and fear that your weight will change. However, cooking does not require special skills. The process takes 40-50 minutes. The main thing is to have the right products at hand. Well, everyone can handle the dish.

Basic cooking secrets

  1. It is advisable to use for cooking products from durum wheat flour. It is not only tasty, but also beneficial to the body.
  2. You can use both beef and chicken. With different meat dish will have an original and distinctive taste. And although the classic recipe is the addition of a dish of beef, yet it is important to vary and change taste preferences.
  3. The question how to cook pasta nautically with meat, generally should not occur, because the recipe of this dish suggested by the presence of certain meats. Stuffing can be purchased in the market or ask the seller through a meat grinder grind your favorite piece of beef to spend time at home to process meat to desired consistency.
  4. In minced meat add pepper, salt, as like the household.
  5. Making the filling for meat and pasta, the owner is also able to vary their own tastes and the desire to add in a certain number of ingredients like onions, garlic or carrots, tomato paste, herbs, seasonings and spices.
  6. In a classic recipe for vegetables fried in butter, but the process can be varied and fry the vegetables and the meat plant.
  7. Use for the preparation of preferably fresh beef, newly purchased or made yourself. Watching store-bought meat for bones and meat lived. You should not skimp on meat, as the dish will be spoiled automatically. You should not experiment with cheap meat. Then who will eat this treat?


  1. pasta – 200 grams
  2. minced beef or chicken – 500 grams
  3. vegetables: 3-4 onions, 2 carrots, 5-6 cloves of garlic
  4. spices, salt
  5. butter or oil, which are fried vegetables (to the eye).

Pasta: the recipe step by step:

  • Finely shinkuem vegetables: onion, carrot, garlic. Pan fry it for a few minutes, but not Vitarium, as we still have raw meat that you want to add.
  • Mix the meat together with the vegetables and fry until, until it is thoroughly cooked through in 10-15 minutes.
  • At this time begin to boil the pasta.
  • Mix the meat and pasta in the pan.

Many Housewives are wondering how to cook pasta nautically of minced beef? This question can be answered, what to cook exactly the same as meat chicken. Beef is a classic component in the preparation of this dish.

The question of how to cook pasta in a Fleet manner is uncovered. Prepare this delicious dish for children and husbands, please yourself.

Scientists have established that a person's mood rises when he eats tasty, nutritious and healthy food. That's why it's worth it to pamper your time and history with tasty and healthy dishes.