Who tried in your life a sweet potato? Such people probably exist in nature, because everyone in a particular point in time cooked, bought or tasted a delicious and easy nutritious treat.

The advantages of making a potato cake, a recipe of which you will find in the article:

  • quickly prepared
  • doesn't require specific culinary skills
  • the process of making creative and will take any kid with mom
  • treat can prepare both adult and child
  • cheap and simple ingredients
  • saturates the body with calories
  • a treat can be used instead of a snack with tea and coffee
  • increases the amount of endorphins – "happy hormones" because it contains cocoa beans, stimulate the nervous system.

Recipe No. 1. Sweet potato biscuits

Potato is a cake, the recipe of which resembles the taste of childhood, native and pleasant. Do you want to remember the past? Then we will take care of its preparation.

Necessary ingredients:

  • biscuits – 1 kg
  • butter – 200 g
  • Bank of condensed milk
  • cocoa 5 to 7 tbsp
  • raisins – optional and to taste
  • walnuts – optional
  • wine – 5-7 tbsp (optional).

Cookies it is better to choose unsweetened varieties, for example, app. You can buy any soft crumbly biscuits that are easily wrinkled, owing to this grinder can not be used.

The cooking process

  • Cookies get crushed with your hands, crumple with your fingers or a masher for potatoes. It is also possible to finely chop, RUB on a grater or grind in a meat grinder, whatever you like. If the structure of the grinded biscuits, will fall the whole pieces, under the influence of condensed milk and butter in the cake will not be so clearly visible.
  • Mix condensed milk with butter.
  • Add to the mix of milk and cocoa butter.
  • Pour the mix in a bowl with the crushed biscuits, add the remaining ingredients.

A sweet potato at home is almost ready. Sculpt hands oval or round masterpieces. The form variable on their own taste. Involved in the process of preparing children to uplift their mood and the development of fine motor handles (grinding process). Put the dish in the freezer for a few hours. Cakes are impregnated and cured. These sweets bring joy to all those who tries.

As you can see, make your own sweet potato classic recipe – easy and simple. Its creation does not require certain skills. It is necessary to consider and spoiling them as often as possible.

Recipe №2. Confectionery potatoes with biscuit

For this option, biscuit should be baked in advance. It is better if it is not dry, otherwise the products will not soak.


  • biscuit – 700-900 g
  • butter – 250 g
  • 1 Bank of condensed milk
  • cocoa powder unsweetened - 5-7 tbsp. l .;
  • walnuts 150-250 g
  • liqueur – 2-4 tbsp (optional).

Method of preparation

  • Thoroughly mash the sponge cake with help of a blender.
  • Adding to his already mixed the butter with condensed milk and cocoa.
  • To this mixture, add liqueur and walnuts.
  • Sculpt cakes of any shape, e.g. round or oval.

Delicious treat is ready. The choice is yours, which recipe to prefer. Pleasant cooking and treats!