Birch juice is suitable for use not only in its natural form and in the form of blanks. From it you can make delicious drinks, obtained by fermentation. This is kvass. wine and moonshine. All of them are easily made at home. And although many moonshine is not considered to be a noble drink prepared from high-quality raw materials, it will completely replace the vodka obtained by industrial means. Moonshine from birch sap has a mild taste, it is well drunk and does not bring a heavy hangover. And most importantly - you will be 100% sure of the quality of its ingredients, and, consequently, as the beverage itself. Of course, birch sap must be collected in sufficient quantities. Dilute it with water is not recommended.

The preparation for the distillation of vodka from birch SAP

As you know, any moonshine is expelled from the barge. Braga (her recipe read, following the link) for our moonshine will be prepared exclusively from birch sap. There are two options for its preparation. In the first variant, sugar and yeast are added in a certain proportion. In the second variant fermentation occurs in a natural way, only natural glucose of birch sap participates in the process. This method is very laborious and complex, only experienced masters of brewing can do. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, the first variant of brewing from birch sap is used.

Further action may be different. Braga you can lighten or not to lighten. There are proponents of both ways – you choose. Draining the sediment reduces the yield of alcohol, and not emptying increases the likelihood of impurities.

Preparation of vodka from birch SAP, a classic recipe

So, braga - raw materials for forcing out moonshine - ready, you can proceed directly to the process of forcing out moonshine. For this we will need special equipment. The essence of the process is the separation of alcohol from braga. The point is that the boiling point of the alcohol is slightly below the boiling point of water. Braze is heated to a boil, and the resulting vapor immediately cools. Steam is collected in a special container dropwise, which are then trickled out. Clearly, alcohol will evaporate faster than water. The process of forcing out moonshine requires certain temperature conditions. In general, it can be divided into the following stages:

  • 65 degrees Celsius – the boiling point of the light impurities
  • 78C - boiling point of ethyl alcohol;
  • 85C – allocation of fusel oils.

Received at the first stage of the so-called “Pervak”. It contains the largest number of toxic substances, and unfit for internal use. At the first drops with an alcohol odor it is necessary to reduce the heating rate to avoid ejection of Braga. Is constantly maintain a temperature in the range 78-83С. At this stage the main part is made of high quality, pure moonshine. To retrieve the remnants of the alcohol from the mash temperature increase, but it causes the active selection of fusel oils. Brew, obtained at the last stage, it is recommended to separately collect and recycle then with the next batch of mash.

Purification of vodka from birch SAP

The easiest way to purify moonshine from fusel oil is produced with the help of ordinary pharmacy manganese. For 3 liters of raw material, 2-3 g of potassium permanganate are necessary. All mixed together, then the precipitate is separated, which must be drained. Another way is to use activated carbon. Defending the product in this case is necessary for at least 3 weeks. In this case, the product will need to be mixed every day.

In the brewhouse brewer's juice, spices and herbs - cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cumin, coriander, mint, etc., can be added to give it taste and color. Thus, the drink acquires new, interesting notes. The benefits and safety of such moonshine, with moderate use, are obvious.