More and more number of applicants attracted work in another city in big cities the salaries are higher and career prospects more. How to find a job in another city, will tell the country of the Soviets.

The motives for moving to another city  can be different. Someone wants to build a career and earn more money, so working in another city is his priority goal. Someone moves for personal reasons (for example, marriage). And someone just does not sit still. Most often this applies to young professionals: in their hometown they have very little that holds, so you need to catch the chance, as long as this ease is on the rise (speaking in more strict terms, labor mobility).

Whatever the reasons for moving, work in another city will not fall on you, myself. The job search should be approached responsibly, and that needs to be addressed before moving. The change of residence in itself is a great stress, especially if you do not go to someone ready for anything. In addition to finding a job, the search for housing will fall on you, it will take some time to settle in another city and "enter the track." The work before the move can help to eliminate at least one problem from this list.

Very often work in another city is locatedvia the Internet. To help come the site to find a job. Do not neglect them: in large cities, recruitment managers do not completely disdain this way of searching for applicants. Be clear about what you want from future work. Often when moving to another city, people grab for the first workplace they find, fearing that they will not get anything back. But if you want to realize yourself as a professional, be patient. Better you move later, but the work will be decent.

Responsibly resume writing. Posting summary clearly note what are the sites you posted it. Many employers are wary of applicants who need a job in another city. So in summary it is not enough just to indicate that you are ready to move. Clearly describe the reasons for moving (as they are stronger – the better). If you already have a residence – it is an added bonus for the employer. And please note that most employers do not pay travel to a job interview .

Some candidates work in another city goes through friends and acquaintances. This is not necessarily a pull. Often friends from out of town can help to Orient in new surroundings will tell you where to go in the first place, will help weed out questionable options. Sometimes it happens that a person quits, and asked to find a replacement. If someone you know changes jobs, and it will coincide with your move – why not? Recommendation from a trusted employee can play in your favor. But still to rely on acquaintances, friends and relatives should not – the probability of success is small.

Work in another city can be found through intermediaries -staffing and recruiting agencies. engaged in headhunting. The plus of this method is that the recruiter will necessarily check whether this or that company is trustworthy. However, for the services of the agent will have to pay, besides, not the fact that you will get to a high-class specialist.

If you're afraid that to find a job remotely does not work, can go to “exploration”. Take a vacation and go to another city for a while - well, if you have the opportunity to stay with friends. Perhaps, so work in another city will be easier and faster. In addition, it is a good opportunity to "rehearse" a new life, not rushing into it at once, as in a whirlpool with a head.

Remember: the more you seek, the faster I find a job in another city. Your task is not just to persuade a potential employer that the move will not prevent you from commencing your work and fulfill your duties on time, but also to make it true not only in words.

Moving to another city should not be combined with change of career,. So you'll just double the stress and will not achieve anything. New conditions of life may prevent efficient work, even for an old profession, what can I say about the simultaneous change of residence and activities. So it's best if work in another city will match your professional experience.

Job in another city don't always live up to expectations. Most likely, you will have to “step back” and start with lower positions. than what you had previously taken. Try to live with it – I need to know where to start. Salaries in a big city is usually higher than the provincial. But keep in mind that prices are “biting”. So try to find the prices of food, housing, transportation, etc. in advance and compare them with expected salary. Is it enough for you to live?

Working in another city is like jumping into the unknown. However, if you carefully prepare the soil and approach the search for work and housing responsibly, you will succeed!