A significant portion of his time we spend at work. So we need to pay attention to creating a new year atmosphere not only at home. but in the office, otherwise you risk not to feel the approach of the holiday to the fullest. So how to decorate your office for the New year.

Of course, you can decorate the office for the New year, resorting to the help professional designers. But, first, why do you need extra money? It is better to spend this money on the New Year's table, gifts or bonuses to employees. Secondly, decorating the office with your own hands will help to rally the team. Therefore, it is better to decorate the office by the New Year in person. The country of the Soviets will tell you how.

Any decoration begins with harvesting. Of course, if your office is the incoming cleaner to do General cleaning. But for the cleanliness of your workplace everyone is responsible for himself, so the New year is a great reason to restore order in the Desk drawer   and throw out unnecessary pieces of paper. And finally put the order on the hard drive of your computer! And as a desktop background, you can use the New Year picture.

Put things in order? You can now proceed to the decoration of the office. First and foremost, we must not forget that the office is still a serious place, so carried away by the bright children's toys and an abundance of jewelry is not necessary. It is best to decorate the office for the New year in a simple style and single color. Good use of toys corporate flowers. if you have them, of course. You can order Christmas balls with the company logo. You need to balance the festive mood and working atmosphere.

When decorating the office, do not forget aboutthe specifics of your company. Let the decorations will remind you about your practice and provide the client to understand exactly where they came from. In addition, in the new year office decor, you can use the figures depicting the symbol of the coming year on the Eastern calendar. The animal-the patron of 2011 is a rabbit, hare or cat.

The theater begins with a hanger, and office reception. If you have a reception in the office, do not forget to put a small elegant Christmas tree in it, you can have a table-top. Bright New Year's composition at the reception will help attract the attention of visitors, most importantly, that it was not too flashy. But to dress an employee at the reception in a Santa Claus hat is not necessary - all of a sudden it will seem too frivolous to your clients or partners? If there is no reception, the office decoration should still start with the entrance (hallway, corridor).

Christmas decorations for office decoration is quite possible to make your own hands from scrap materials, for example, stationery. You can decorate the office for the New year, cutting out snowflakes from unnecessary papers and making garlands out of paper clips. By the way, you can spend a competition for the best Christmas decoration   from katstovarov, awarding the winner a homemade diploma. But when decorating the office with homemade garlands, one should not forget about the rules of fire safety!

If your office has enough space, and bosses do not mind, can put in it the Christmas tree. It is better to prefer artificial fur-tree — it is less hassle, besides, it can be set at the next New year and save some money. If the place is small, and no tree for you and your colleagues in the New year is unthinkable, can make a miniature Christmas tree with their hands out of colored paper, packaging cardboard and other materials. The role of the Christmas tree can perform indoor plants in pots.

You will definitely want to congratulate the colleagues with the New year a couple of warm words. For this you can organize in the office Christmas mail. Take a box (for example, packing from office equipment), decorate it and shortly before the New Year start to throw in it notes and cards with congratulations for employees. On New Year's corporate or on the last working day, select the postman who will distribute these congratulations.

If you don't have traditions together to decorate the office for the New year, each employee can decorate their office or work place on their own. But maybe New year 2011   Is it time to get such a tradition?