Increasingly, the requirements for applicants and job applicants themselves to meet the mysterious abbreviation MBA. These three letters are considered to be pass to the world of big business. Let's try to understand, what is an MBA program and why it is needed.

MBA is an abbreviation for Master of Business Administration. In Russian language this phrase often translated as "master of business administration"{!LANG-f5f516de59346b25d72f0306076ae8e1!}

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The MBA program was created in order to to remedy the lack of qualified managers{!LANG-5fb050f9d15884628b1b7ea3caf6d63e!}

The MBA program is not an alternative to higher education, and an important addition to it. An MBA degree does not replace the diploma of higher education, but will only be an additional confirmation of your professionalism. To obtain a master's degree in business administration, you must first obtain a higher education (economic, legal, technical — does not matter), solid work experience and advance your career. Only then it will truly be the point in getting an MBA.

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Different MBA program is designed for students with different goals and levels of knowledge and experience{!LANG-1824a6aa946a2e88aa9c687e6c87b1fe!}

However, program participants, and employers that require employees availability of MBA degree is often forget that MBA is not a panacea. It is intended for a certain circle of people, for managers and middle managers, others it simply is not needed. Unfortunately, the priority of "crust" prior knowledge and experience is firmly rooted in the minds of many businessmen. A master's degree in business administration require, even from those whose work is completely unrelated to running a business. Because MBA is fashionable and prestigious.

So the MBA program can be desired, if you :

  • plan to take a leadership position or have already taken it, but I think that you could use an extra knowledge for a successful business
  • work in a company oriented towards cooperation with foreign partners and clients — after all, the MBA program is more "sharpened" under Western management style

Deciding to get my MBA clearly define the goal. Why do you need this degree? What knowledge and skills you expect to obtain? How do you plan to use them in further work, so they do not become for you the "dead weight"? Formulating a goal, select credible business school and the appropriate form of training. And remember — no perseverance and self-discipline{!LANG-9134010728fc5c9f80e8609c75372938!}