The usual tea leaf contains caffeine and tannin - substances that have an invigorating effect on the body. Quite another matter home tea from forest berries and herbs. It has the opposite effect - soothes and relaxes, relieves fatigue and tension. We suggest you check on yourself the healing properties of the herb-herbal drink and prepare a tasty and useful blueberry tea with the addition of basil at home.

Tea in the home of blueberry and Basil — step-by-step recipe

Everyone knows that blueberries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which help improve memory and visual acuity. This statement is true also with respect to dried berries. Basil, in turn, contributes to the overall strengthening of the body, including during the period of colds. Together, these two components create a unique tea composition with a stunning flavor and taste.

Necessary ingredients:

  • blueberry 500 gr.
  • Basil – 200 grams.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Tea harvesting will need the leaves and young juicy stems of Basil. Blueberry searched and removed from the stems, thoroughly wash.

Important! Berries need to be washed for a long time, keeping the screen under running water. If there is dust on them, then when the berries are dried, it will be preserved, and then it will "show up" negatively in the taste of the finished tea.

Damp blueberries pour out on a paper towel. We dry the dried berries on the pallet of the dryer.

Basil and break off the leaves, and cut the stems into 2-3 parts.

The second layer of the apparatus dryer is filled with basil leaves. The drying cycle will last for 22 hours. If the berries are small, they will be ready in 15 hours.

Attention! The drying does not destroy the smell of berries and leaves. After brewing, an amazing flavor bouquet will be revealed. But "sunbathing" can turn leaves and berries into shapeless and tasteless "crackers". So if you do not have a hardware dryer, then use a conventional oven.

Dried Basil crushed in the palms, causing the leaves and stems will become convenient for brewing form – will be a very large "tea leaves". Basil mixed with blueberries, pour in a jar and be sure to replace the top. Of open cookware odors will evaporate, which negatively affect the taste of the drink. Vitamin tea stored under normal conditions on the shelf of the kitchen Cabinet.

Brew homemade tea, filter and add honey. You can serve with equal success as a cold blueberry drink, and hot. Now you know how to make healthy tea at home.