Light snacks based on cheese are indispensable for those who follow their shape and at the same time want to get the most useful micronutrients and vitamins. These salads contain few kilocalories, but perfectly satiate and nourish the body. Their variations with brynza are varied (with orange, pineapple, basil, with the addition of tomatoes and mayonnaise), so it will not be difficult to come up with an interesting menu for a whole week. A few skills and recipes of the best cooks will help in the realization of delicious and dietary dishes.

Delicious salad with feta cheese and olives: "the Greek" miracle every day!

Cutting salad takes only 20 minutes. A light snack is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The main secret of the spicyness of this dish lies in the combination of olive juice with slightly bitter shade and light dairy acidity of brynza, supplemented with vegetable flavors. Suitable for lovers of proper nutrition and Mediterranean cuisine. In the dish you can add Bulgarian pepper and a little tomato One of the options for filing - in tartlets.


  • black olives, pitted
  • tomatoes (can use cherry)
  • lemon juice
  • cucumbers
  • lettuce leaves
  • cheese
  • olive oil
  • herbs: oregano, Basil leaves.

Gradual cooking process:

  1. All components of the salad: chop the cubes. Olives leave whole or, if desired, cut in half.
  2. The big green leaves to break it. Cutting is not recommended – hand method helps to preserve the juiciness of the greens.
  3. Mix it all together, liberally dress with olive oil.
  4. To pritrusit fresh herbs.

Salad with cheese with chicken: protein wealth

All products of this salad contain a lot of protein and a minimum of fat. Chicken fillet - light and tender meat, not requiring long cooking. Meat will get a piquant taste if it is fried on the grill. A big plus is that frying on the grill does not require a fat base, the meat preserves the juices, "sealed" on an open fire, and becomes very gentle, with the taste of a pleasant haze of a fire.

You will need 30 minutes to cook. The components of the salad:

  • poultry fillets – 200 g
  • cheese – 200 g
  • French mustard – 1 tbsp
  • olive oil – 2 tbsp.
  • small zucchini – 1 PC.
  • the leaves of "Iceberg" or other leafy lettuce – to taste.


  1. Wash and dry the leaves of "Iceberg" to break their hands and add to the platter.
  2. Chicken fry on the grill or pan. Cut into large pieces and put them together with torn lettuce.
  3. Cut zucchini into slices and fry on the grill. Salt not recommended: due to the cheese, which will share the salty taste. Mix together with chicken and salad.
  4. Cut the cheese in cubes. All mix, season with olive oil, mustard – and Bon appetit!

Salad with feta cheese and Chinese cabbage

By the time the cooking will take about 10 minutes, and the result will appreciate the splendor, ease and vibrance.

You will need:

  • peking cabbage - 1 head;
  • tomatoes – 4 PCs.
  • brynza - 250 g;
  • soy sauce
  • olive oil
  • salt, spices and nuts to taste.

Do not need great effort:

  1. Cut or tear the hands of the Beijing cabbage. We put in a deep bowl.
  2. Diced cucumbers melechim sent to the cabbage.
  3. Do the same with cheese.
  4. All mix, season with olive oil, soy sauce and add salt with spices.
  5. You can add peanuts.

This snack can be combined with absolutely any ingredient: turkey, beef, zucchini, fried leek and even with smoked sausages. A classic option is serving with tomatoes and olives. Preparation does not take much time, and the feeling of satiety will not last for several hours.

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