If you want to build a successful career, one diploma of higher education and professional skills will not be enough. Imagine that your qualities and skills is a commodity. In order to sell a product need to advertise. In this case, the best advertisement is your image of business person.

Many equate the image of business people to the business dress code. In fact business dress — is only one component of the business image. Quoting the proverb "Meet on the clothes" many forget about its continuation: ". but escorted through the mind. " Therefore, your business attire should be supported by professionalism, or a few minutes of communication with potential customers and partners from your image of a stone will be left.

Let's more in detail talk about components that make up the image of a business person   - from the exterior and ending with professional skills. It is clear that the office dress code imposes certain restrictions on the choice of clothing, but even in such a narrow framework it is important to find a way to express your personality. A successful person can be distinguished from a faceless office plankton in the same costumes at a glance.

Clothes business person is to testify to its success. quality fabric, good cut. The costume does not have to be sky-high expensive, but it's also not worth chasing cheapness. Your business outfit should look elegant and presentable, so it is very important to choose the right business suit and be able to wear it. "The main thing is that the suit should sit!" Do you remember this song from the movie "Magicians"? In this case, it should be your motto.

The image of a business person is made up of small things.Impression from the very best business suit can completely kill incorrectly chosen accessories. not suitable for him tie cufflinks tasteless, unpolished shoes, a gym bag instead of a briefcase or a diplomat, too short socks or light socks with dark shoes. The list is long, but I think the principle you are caught: even a minor, seemingly a small thing can spoil the impression about you as a business person.

But clothing is only a small part of your image. Remember "Pigmalion" by Bernard Shaw: in order to give the flower girl a Duchess, not enough to make her a nice hairstyle and dress her up in an expensive dress. Is the florist open your mouth — and all at once it becomes clear its "dirty" origin. In business communication, the same rules your business suit gives the impression of smoothly until, until you started talking. And sometimes even less: sometimes one inadvertent gesture is enough to hopelessly spoil your image of a business man.

The rules of business etiquette and business communication is devoted not to what article — entire books, and speak on this subject can be long. But we will not go into details of the rules of communication with customers and partners: first you need to firmly grasp the General rules of human communication in all situations — even in business negotiations, at least in the circle of friends. Politeness, tact and naturalness are your best assistants in creating business image. But one should not confuse naturalness with a lack of discipline — the latter quality in business communication is absolutely not welcome.

Finally, we turn to the Foundation of your business image — professionalism. You can talk a lot and beautifully, but if your words are not backed by deeds, then your business reputation will be very short-lived. And the professionalism is confirmed not by the diplomas and certificates hanging in the framework of the glass on the wall of your office, but by concrete successes and achievements. Do not blow your successes to the right and to the left; just do what you must, and do it qualitatively. Do not miss the opportunity to deepen your professional knowledge and improve your skills, learn, improve, learn new things, and soon you will not need to tell anyone about your achievements: on the contrary, they will begin to talk about you.

So image of business person rests on three pillars. clothing, behavior and professionalism. If you remove one of them, then your entire business image collapses like a house of cards.