How many times have we faced in my entire life with the signatures of different people. Beautiful, casual, funny, original... And you never wondered why signature at all different? What a character the owner of the signature? The land of the Soviets tell as evidenced by the signature of the person.

Each person develops his own handwriting letters. When a person writes, he thinks about spelling, about the evenness of lines, obeying certain rules. Therefore, it is not always possible to read his true "I" correctly and accurately. But the signature does not restrain the person in fantasy, the author of the signature is not limited by any laws and rules. But in his graphic arts he is subject to certain regularities, which involuntarily reflect the essence of his nature, which makes it possible to describe the psychological portrait of the author of the signature rather accurately.

So, let's start. Look at the signature of the person and analyze.

The direction of the signature

Please note, the direction of the end of the signature is up or down. If up it says that man is full of energy and strength, his character is dominated by optimism. The author of such signature is easy enough to cope with problems and disappointments. The forward direction the signature indicates a balance of optimism and pessimism in nature. If the end of the signature sent down   - a person is subject to a pessimistic state and depression. These people have weakness of will, a tendency to cardiovascular and nervous diseases.

The length of the signatures

Long signature of man is characterized by detailed people, a leisurely, accustomed to delve deeply into cases. Such people are usually stubborn, persistent, even annoying and picky. Short signature   put people with a quick reaction, which sometimes lacks the patience for a thorough and detailed analysis of cases. Such a person does not like sluggish people, he himself is not capable of monotonous and monotonous work, which requires constant attention. It must be borne in mind that some people are forced to put a short signature. They are people of those professions who are forced to sign very often - cashiers, doctors, etc. They have to put a short signature in order to save time or space on paper. Therefore, their signature should be considered for analysis.

The size of the letters (capital and small)

If the amount of capital letters very different in size from small, we can say that the author of such signature Moody and picky attitude towards others. If the letters in the signature virtually one size. the owner of such signature has no claims to life and humble. In General small letters   talk about a specific and rational person, able to concentrate, but very small letters indicate the stinginess, pettiness and selfishness of the owner.

Large letters. almost childish, characterize the author in terms of naivety and kindness, as a trusting and impractical person. But at the same time such a person seeks freedom of activity and independence.

Roundness and sharpness of letters

Rounded letters drawn in signature soft, relaxed and good people. Angular letters. on the contrary, they testify to the aggressive nature, independent and obstinate, they speak of a tendency to ambition and leadership.

Sometimes in the signature you can see this caveat: at the beginning of the letters are rounded and then angular. The analysis of such a signature indicates that the person at the beginning of communication shows himself mild, and then his aggressive features are manifested.

Connectivity and fragmentation of letters

If in the signature all letters are linked. this indicates the consistency and logic inherent in the brain activity of this person. He is conservative in his views and is difficult to perceive something new.

When the signature is observed a moderate amount of breaks between the letters, it says that the owner of such signature is able to combine the desired and actual. Solid breaks   between the letters in the signature characterize the author as a man unpredictable, loving to impress others and attract attention. The confidence and insecurity of writing letters speaks for itself.

A variety of jewelry in the signature

The more in your signature various decorations. ribbons, savitskov – the more this man's superficial and insincere. But sometimes embellished signature can occur in people of creative professions, with a rich fantasy and imagination. Simple signature man speaks of the modesty and simplicity of the author. In people with a logical mind, physicists and mathematicians in the signature can "disappear" some of the letters. which shows the concreteness of thinking. But if there is a discrepancy between the letters in such a signature, then this is a clear sign of fussiness and short-sightedness of thinking.


Boldly signed put strategy, thinking globally. Such inscriptions can be seen among the major heads of the enterprises or companies. Small signature have people tactics, whose brain is busy with a certain and specific type of activity.

The power of pressure when writing letters

Bold broken lines talking about the power of the master signature. Usually these people are extroverts – they are sociable, energetic, focused on the external world. Refined signature   a man whose lines go into the thickness of the hair, indicates a gentle nature. These people find it difficult to engage in social activities, they are directed to their inner world.

If the thickness of the signature uneven   and weak, then the author of the signature also has a doubting character, such people are insecure, constantly hesitate in the decision, tend to "eat".

Normal, uniform pressure   belongs to people who are self-confident, balanced, used to make deliberate decisions.

Underline in the signature, "tails", strikethrough

Certainly there are such labels that highlighted by the author from the bottom. Such people are very sensitive, they are proud of and depend on the opinions of others. If a person's signature served line on top. this suggests that its owner is proud, vain, and aspires to greater achievements. Of great interest is the "tail" at the end of the signature. The longer the tail, the more impatient the subscriber to the comments in his address, to various orders, etc. Such a person is very cautious and circumspect.

If the same person negates your signature. he is unhappy with himself, he is too self-critical and nervous. He always hesitates and doubts.

Point in the signature

Point in the signature – a positive sign. Its presence testifies to the discipline and desire to accomplish anything. Point in the end signature – diligence, in the beginning   - a good and thoughtful preparation for the beginning of any business.

Loading signature

Than more loaded signature person and the more difficult it is, the more problems it creates for itself a winner. About such talk: "Making mountains out of molehills". And of course, the simpler signature. the easier a person is to problems. Simple and simple people can write their surname instead of a signature. And the more difficulties are introduced in the signature, the more complex the nature of the author.

The slant of the letters

Direct spelling   letters indicates a restrained, consistent, stubborn character of a man who owns self-control. In this case, there is a dominant influence of the mind.

Common pervonachalnaya signature man speaks of the ability to understand and compromise. But almost lying on the right side of the letter "shouting" about a pathological phenomenon. Devanakonda signature   the person shows the inconsistency of personal natural inclinations and inclinations with the external conditions of education. There are inherent stubbornness, and exactingness, and secrecy, and sometimes insincerity.

Harder when the slope of the letters in one signature different types. Such people are capricious, impetuous, unstable, scattered in purpose. With these people it is better to be more careful in general affairs and in relationships.

Different types of signatures from one and the same person

For example, one and the same person subscribes then carefully, carelessly. This suggests that people apply selectively to others. For someone who is of interest, he will try to show their best side, and Vice versa. Who is not interested in him, he will treat these people casually.

The signature changes over time

As a person's signature is a reflection of his inner world. It is natural that over time it changes, as does the person himself (age leaves its imprint on the character, views on problems, etc.). The signature can change and in connection with a woman's marriage, can reflect any emotional changes in his personal life. In a word, if a person improves and develops - the signature indicates this. And if a person degrades - the signature also degrades.

A person's signature can tell a lot about its owner. Graphological analysis as a method of psycho-diagnostics of personality, will help you get to know the person a little more, will allow to define his life values and guidelines. It will be much easier to communicate with someone that you will know what to expect. Good luck in experiments!