For anybody not a secret that everything that surrounds us in this world has a direct impact on our mental state. Are no exception, and colors. Scientists have proven that the influence of color on human much stronger than we could ever imagine.

Color perception and psychological reaction to it depends primarily on the cultural background of a particular person. In different countries the attitude to the colors raznoe

Red — the color of love and passion. At the same time, this color can be considered a symbol of strength and uncontrollable aggression. Red is the favorite color of strong, purposeful, courageous people. The one who wears red, is always the center of attention. No wonder this color is considered to be national in many cultures which are known for their strong temperament: Spain, Latin America. The influence of color on human Veliko red expands the blood vessels, energizes, increases blood pressure and accelerates the breathing rhythm.  At the same time, a long contemplation of this color can cause uncontrolled aggression. Therefore, in red, it is not recommended to paint the walls in the bedroom, dress red for the exam or an interview.

Very close in its properties to the red — orange. However, it affects the person a little softer. The positive influence of color — toning effect.  Orange liberates a man, frees him from a feeling of depression, raises his spirits. An overabundance of orange can cause a feeling of heat and a general overheating of the body.

The opposite effect of color on human produce cool shades: blue and light blue. It has been proved that in a room with blue walls, one feels cooler than the same room, but with red or orange walls. Cool colors have a calming, analgesic effect,  Recommended for headache, insomnia and nervous disorders. But you should not abuse cold shades, as their overabundance can cause depression, drive into depression.

The optimal colors are green and yellow. Green is the color of life and growth, yellow — sun and warmth. These colors lift your spirits, but at the same time calm. Yellow stimulates brain activity, improves vision. Green — reduces blood pressure, increases muscle performance. No wonder these colors are used extensively in the interior of educational institutions: schools, universities. They help to focus and promote rapid absorption of material.

The most mystical and mysterious in the color system is considered purple. Say it favorite color creatively gifted people.  The influence of color on man is not fully understood. He opens the brain centers and stimulates mental and creative activity, increases efficiency. Contemplation of violet color contributes to profound philosophical reflections, fantasies and dreams.

Neutral is considered to be black and white  colors. Although in this case the influence of color on a person is not entirely neutral. Black color oppresses, causes a sense of danger, but at the same time attracts attention. A man dressed in black will not remain invisible.

White color can cause feeling of cold and insecurity. Associated with purity and innocence. That is why in many cultures the bride's wedding dress was white.

The favor of man to any particular color can tell a lot about his character. In addition, our attitude colors may vary and depending on the mood.  The well-known German scientist Max Lyusher has developed a whole method of determining the psychological state of a person with the help of color.

In order for the effect of color on a person to be positive, we must be surrounded by different colors. In life there are not only red or black shades, because it is iridescent and multifaceted.