Family is the highest value, says the unwritten truth. The most expensive thing may be the person's family. It is a pity that it is not always the relationship between the members of this "cell of society" add up smoothly. Family conflict — a very common phenomenon and everyday. But still much better when this phenomenon occurs as rarely as possible.

Family conflicts arise for different reasons, and even it is not always possible to understand who is the main culprit.   Absolutely banal situations: a rash word, a bad mood, a mismatch of points of view in everyday things, and native people are on opposite sides of the barricade.

Scientists say thatmost of the conflict situations provoked by women occur on the basis of domestic issues: no help with the housework, my husband again forgot to nail the door of the box, little time on the family. Men often blame their wives into unwanted gossip, extravagance, lack of attention to his own person.   Often the cause of conflicts are disagreements in the upbringing of children.

Family conflicts among young couples mainly occur due to maladjustment, lack of preparation of people for marriage. Change of habits, the appearance in the personal space of another person will certainly lead to psychological discomfort, whence come many of the causes of quarrels. Unwillingness to obey other people's rules and break your own Outlook on life is one of the main prerequisites of a quarrel in young family.   "Adult" couples who have already worn to each other, no longer pay attention to trifles such as unclosed toothpaste or salted borsch. But even they have family conflicts.

To avoid quarrels, of course, impossible, but it can be done so that such incidents occurred as rarely as possible and does not lead to undesirable consequences.

The main point that will help to reduce family conflicts to a minimum, is the ability to listen and understand each other. Do not try to force your partner to their own point of view, it is better to discuss it and take on Board all the advice and wishes of a spouse. If, however, there was a quarrel, it is necessary not to lose my temper. Emotions are the worst enemies in the process of solving family conflicts.   In no case can you defend yourself against reproaches and accusations, pointing out the shortcomings of your second half. It will not solve the problem, but will only exacerbate the situation, finding new and new reasons for the conflict. The result of such an emotional outburst can be the complete destruction of fragile family relations.

It is best to try in detail to understand the problem that has arisen, to determine its causes and scales. Maybe the problem does not exist at all. If the spouses are unwilling or unable to agree with one of the viewpoints, family conflicts come to a standstill. It is not necessary to be selfish in any situation possible compromise.

The most common mistake made by spouses isinvolvement in the dispute other people.   Family conflicts are only your business, and it is not worthwhile to interfere in them with someone's mother, aunt, father or grandfather. Outsiders will not help resolve the dispute, taking the point of view of one of the parties, they will help make the other's fault. But the problem from this will not disappear. In addition, the offended side may have a negative attitude towards the one involved in the dispute. For example, the spouses will reconcile, and mother-in-law will remain number one enemy son-in-law.

Don't be afraid to admit they were wrong, sincerely apologize and make conclusions for the future.   Family conflicts are not a sport where there is a winner and a loser. In a family quarrel two losers turn out to be winners or losers, and it depends on you who will leave it.