Fear of the dark. or get is considered more of a child's terror, than a psychological disorder in adults. Mature and accomplished man sometimes I'm ashamed to admit that he still like a child afraid of the dark. However, get a very common kind of phobia.

The terrible waiting of the night panic at any flick of a switch, sleep when the light and all possible avoidance of dark rooms and streets is not a horror movie, and the everyday life of nyctophobia. Of course, in the dark, uncomfortable feeling any normal person  but only those who experience a real fear of darkness, symptoms of psychological frustration.

Reasons why you may experience some discomfort while in the dark. Different scientists explain this feature in different ways,  and until the end to determine a specific number of reasons so far is not possible.

Fear of the dark, perhaps one of the most ancient phobias.  How much humanity exists, there is so much fear of darkness.

There is a version that the get — a genetic memory of a time when our ancestors were afraid of wild animals at night anywhere near a human dwelling. Out on the street — meant to face the very real danger. Over time, this manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation  transformed into a fear of darkness, which became one of the human phobias.

Another theory says that fear of the dark, like all phobias, from childhood. When curious children's imagination drew pictures of scary monsters that could be hiding under the bed or in the closet. Over the years, the monsters disappeared, and the phobia remained. That is why in the consciousness of humanity niktofobiya and fixed as exclusively children's feature of the psyche.

No less logically sound explanation, according to which fear of the dark occurs because person loses the ability to see. and therefore, objectively assess the situation around him. It is this uncertainty, the expectation of a possible threat that lurks in the dark, and scares the most.

In addition, fear of the dark may be due to the fear of death  or loneliness. Basically, the causes of phobia are purely individual.

Symptoms of nyctophobia  do not differ much from other phobias. Getting into the darkness, a person feels strong psychological and physical discomfort. His heart rate increases, sweating, cold extremities. There may be shortness of breath. In some cases, the fear of darkness can cause hallucinations and severe psychological disorders.

Scientists have proved that a long stay in the dark even completely free of phobias people could trigger a series of serious mental changes. And if a person is suffering from get, often have to be in the dark (night work or Hiking in the dark), it can be prone to depression, severe stress or even more severe mental disorders.

Many people suffering from fear of the dark, I think that it is easier to "cheat fear" than it is to treat. They try not to turn on the night light, as you can spend less time in the dark alone. That's just "fear cheat" impossible. and similar experiments only aggravate the fear of darkness.

People who experience a panic fear of the dark, you need to know how to deal with fear. First of all, try to get up with the sun and more time outdoors. As you can see less movies and shows, dedicated to horror and monsters. Not interested in reading Gogol and king, especially at night. Try to think positively before going to bed, visualize something bright, joyful and pleasant for you. If nightmares still you, imagine that the Ghost that hid in the dark, very sweet and kind, and will not cause you harm. Walking down a dark street, humming to herself something fun. Try to find the positive sides  in that the night still comes, think about rest and relax. Make the darkness become your friend, and then you definitely will not be afraid of it.