It would be easy if men and women would be the same. But we are more complicated and more interesting, which conflicts often arise. Looks like a woman in the eyes of men? What should a real woman to better understand this man? This will tell the country of the Soviets.

Men and women – both black and white. We are different but we complement each other. Often due to a misunderstanding of the contradictions and quarrels. In childhood we were taught to be wiser and to make concessions first. What has changed since that time? Let's make the first step and figure out what you want to change in female behaviour men it looks like the ideal woman in the eyes of men.

  1. First of all a woman should love and respect yourself. Who would love if she does not. But don't confuse this love with selfishness. Caring for a little shopping for yourself, a special time for your hobby – it's enough that others noticed your love for yourself, which adds a sparkle in the eyes and makes the inner world more harmonious. Don't let myself to be treated with disdain, or someone to raise my voice at you. Respect yourself and your little whims.
  2. The ideal woman in the eyes of a man canto give myself. They dream about it. Give plenty of time for chatting and hanging out with him, but don't be Intrusive. When you are with a man, do not be distracted by phone conversations. Dedicate some time only to him. Play in the fulfillment of desires: do I ask you man, even if it is beyond your understanding. The man must feel that you gave yourself to him, only then the rest of the time he will play by your rules.
  3. Man with that woman admires them. for which he is the greatest. I sincerely admire the man. Learn to make compliments. Even when he hammered a nail into your room for the picture, tell him that without him you would not have coped. Learn to thank and compliment. Never criticize or humiliate a man! If you don't like something, choose the right moment when you and he will be calm, good mood, walk up to him and tell me a compliment. Then ask him not to do what you don't like.
  4. The ideal woman in the eyes of men not complex. Be relaxed, don't be ashamed of your body. You are a unique masterpiece that nature has created, and everything about you is unique. Be proud of yourself for what you have now.
  5. The ideal woman in the eyes of men keeps track of his food and figure. Men hate it when you count calories and cry that a fat. But when you watch your health, proper nutrition, keep your body muscles toned, it only attracts the eyes of not only your men but also the people around them.
  6. Sometimes take the initiative. Many men want a woman made the first move. Some even dream of that woman made them an offer of marriage. Be proactive, but let the man exercise his initiative. Arrange nice little surprises that will lead you and your relationship from the everyday routine. Keep your opinion, but learn to listen to others.
  7. The ideal woman in the eyes of men understands and listens it. Push against it with his authority, whims and desires. Often a man will not complain or shout about their desires, but he can casually mention them in any conversation. Hear every word he said. Knowing something about what a man wants, you can better understand it and make it happier.
  8. The ideal woman in the eyes of men love is not only pleasure, but also to get it. Many girls don't know that they are a great pleasure. It isn't just physical, emotional, and physical level. So the man was able to make happy a woman, she should know what she needs for happiness. And this knowledge must be specific. Think about what material possessions will make you happier, any emotion you are missing, what you like in sex. Tell us about this man. It will save a lot of time, effort and money, and will bring heavenly delight. It's always nice to get what you want.

Man easier to understand. But when a woman understand the man, only then man will understand a woman. And like a true hunter, he will have more to bring and give to appreciate and to make his woman happy .