The success of the head depends largely on what impression of him formed by his subordinates and partners. Assistance in creating a good impression on others will have self-presentation of the head. What is self-presentation? What are the basic techniques and methods of self-presentation are there?

The ability of a leader to "present ourselves" to others allows you to effectively implement professional plans, strategy business relationships. Regularities of formation of image, the impact image at others studying special discipline imageology{!LANG-e0d9c54e6aafa388ba1ade2d5489e024!}

The video head consists of several "components".{!LANG-35c0c4b27669f55ca487475927ad873a!}

Hasbinding helps to determine the type of persons head to reveal his facial features and improve them.{!LANG-bbe9c35aaa716093d7ecadc1d2de9d69!}

Classes hasbinding help, among other things, to learn to consciously use expressive eyes.{!LANG-8b8f686339b6144e20f1fbd7b73f1591!}

Unlike hasbinding, physiognomy not perfecting hand gestures, facial expressions or behavior of the head, and teaches the head to "read" his interlocutors. This skill is very useful in negotiations, business meetings.

Self-presentation of the head includes not only its appearance, but also the manner of behavior, style of speech. A positive effect on the image of the head{!LANG-00ea2026db31a349bbc25fd7e0e4b356!}


{!LANG-bca80507372bc53e4b70d34e5a6dd39c!}It will not hurt to practice the self-presentation in the home environment. taking it off on camera. When viewing the footage the Manager notes the positive and negative aspects of his performances.

In the framework of self-presentation, the Manager can tell about successful projects, implemented ideas and plans of future projects, especially if all this is backed by concrete figures. Not recommended bragging{!LANG-365c22645d3fea917224499c6bb5d26a!}

Self-presentation of the head is carried out in a friendly tone{!LANG-258f7a3b04d28594e50c434f1238b0dd!}